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Welcome to the Elliottonian Web Site. This site is for the enjoyment of anyone who was associated with the school (now the Ark Putney Academy). This may include Teachers, Pupils and Staff. Although the Elliott School most of us knew was  located at Putney (for over fifty years), its roots lay in Southfields and are over one hundred years old.

We have resisted the temptation to present a 'flashy' web site, opting instead for an easy to follow, link driven layout. Below you will find links to the relevant sections of the site, these may be further divided depending on content. Please always check the news section to see what may or may not be happening regarding reunions etc. The rest of the website is very large (there is a lot of pictures and some quite long videos), so please bookmark the site and come back often.

Regarding the Official Opening of the refurbished building on July 8th
please Click Here for the latest details.

Lastly we always are looking for old school pictures, publications, etc. so please think of us next time you are up in the loft.

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