About the Egroup   (link to it here)

Not only do we have a website for people who were once connected with the Elliott School, we also have an active 'E' group where you can report your news, announce events, or just ask a question.  Like all communities however, we only exist if people make the effort. So please join the Egroup and give us your support.


To stop Spam and to exercise a little control over content, you have to be 'enrolled' in the Egroup, but that is very simple and it is free. These are the Instructions.

  1. Go to and complete the questionnaire Click Here  (it will open in a new window so you can get back here).

  2. Go to the Egroup  Click Here   (again it will open in a new window so you can get back here).

  3. Click the 'Join Group Icon' and tell us who you are and why you want to join
    (Note: If you do not already have a 'Yahoo identity' you will also need to create one).

This information will not be published, but lets the moderators keep a record of who you are. Note however ‘Incomplete Applications’ will automatically be deleted by Yahoo after 14 Days, so remember to do both items.

OK so now you are a member what should you write about, well stating the obvious don't be rude! Think "would other people want to read this?" For example "I remember going to Venice on the School journey in 1962" would no doubt stimulate a small debate about school journeys. However " Hey Graham did you ever give me back that LP I loaned you?" is best not published in the Egroup. If you want to chat, then arrange to email each other, outside the group. As you can see most of it is common sense.


Remember, you can set in the 'options' whether you get emails or not and so, if you are going through a busy time in your life and cannot be bothered with 'chit chat', just do this. Go to 'edit membership' and un-tick 'Individual emails and select 'Daily Digest' to get all the emails in one daily hit. Alternatively select 'Special Notices' to no longer receive ordinary group emails, just important announcements from the Moderators. Then change back when you are happy to join in again.  


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