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This is where you can report interesting news or announce forthcoming reunions, you may be planning.
Please contact the Webmaster with any text for publication here.

    The Video of the opening of the Ark now available

APA IconThe Official opening of the Ark Putney Academy building take place on the afternoon of Friday 8th July 2016. Amongst the former Elliott School Pupils and Teachers were Andy and Geoff Lambert assisted by Don Freeman and the videoed the opening event.

A few days later Andy and Geoff went back and filmed the now empty school so that those who missed the ceremony could see how well the buildings have been finished. You will find a link to all three Videos in our Video Page (link on the main menu)   

    A regular Reunion for older Pupils  

APA IconAlthough our old School no longer exists the Head of the Ark Putney Academy is acutely aware of their heritage. During a recent meeting with the headmaster the possibility of holding Old Elliottonian reunions on the school site was discussed. With this in mind the Webmaster (Andy) would like to hear from anyone who would like to do this? The suggestion is that we do it sometime Mid November probably on a Saturday, starting this year (2016) and repeating perhaps every other year. I know many of you enjoyed the school dinners we had at the last major reunion a few years ago and so perhaps we could also do that. Let me know what you think and if the response is good enough we can look at making it happen.   

Grand opening of the Ark Putney Academy (formally the Elliott Comprehensive) 

APA IconThe Official opening of the Ark Putney Academy building will take place on the afternoon of Friday 8th July 2016. Former Elliott School Pupils and Teachers are being invited to attend. It will give everyone who used to attend the school, a chance to look around and see the changes.

More details will appear here as they are released, but if you intend to come, please contact the Webmaster with your name and address and we will add you to the list. Any changes will also appear here so please pop back from time to time.

First look inside the refurbished building

On August the 12th Ark Putney allowed  this website access to the building, to record the progress so far. Having now finished those videos, they are available on line.

You even have a choice of how you view – First for the those viewing on a computer, I have combined all sections into one video (the first video at the top of the page), which is in in HD format.

For those able to watch on a 4k screen, or even a smart TV, I have divided it up into three shorter videos all in 4K format. These are located underneath the HD version talked about above. Please feel to pass the link on to anyone you think may be interested. The link is here.

The memorial event and some aerial footage of the School 

A service to mark the 100 years anniversary of the start of the First World War was held at the School. The Webmaster was amongst the old Elliottonians that attended, along with some Children from the ARK Academy. I was able to film it for those that could not make it. Afterwards the Principal gave an interesting talk on the building work. so far.

I also was given a chance to fly my Quad copter and camera around the building site (My thanks to Patryk Dubaniewicz of Lend Lease for this). Both videos are now available on the Elliott section of my You Tube Channel at www.youtube.com/user/andysvideo

First pictures of the new school outer shell and update from the Principal 

I (Andy Lambert Webmaster) attended the ARK Putney Academy on the 22nd of October and had a fruitful meeting with Michael Tucker and Alison Downey the new Principal. It was largely about the forthcoming Remembrance Service, but I was also able to get a possible time-line for the reopening.

The main building could be handed over fairly early next year, when this happens the pupils will leave the temporary accommodation and this will be dismantled. Work will then begin on landscaping the grounds and sometime around Easter 2016 the school will have an official reopening. This will be a year later, thereby carrying on the tradition of the Putney Elliott.

Alison has asked us at the Elliottonian website to be involved in this and ex-pupils will be invited to the event. Plus of course we will be videoing it, for those that cannot come.

I was also able to get a couple of 'sneak pictures' of the work on the building. To see them Click Here

Update on the special memorial event

The service to mark the 100 years anniversary of the start of the First World War will be held at the School on Thursday 6th November 2014 commencing at 2pm. The duration will be approximately 30 minutes with refreshments served after the service. The Head will also give the gathering an update on the progress of the refurbishment of the school building and the plans for the school when the refurbishment is completed.


Another Reunion for some of the 1957 Intake at the Green Man Pub

A group from mainly the 1957 intake, who have been regularly meeting up since the school's 50th year event, have meet again at the traditional location for many - The Green Man Pub on Putney Heath.

Sandra Crisell (was Lundy) sent in a picture which you can view Here

Plans for a special memorial event in 2014

Colin Dix attended the annual Remembrance Service at the School this year and sends us this report:

The new Head made it clear that she wished to retain links with the Elliott School and that she was happy to have the Elliott War Memorial remain on display in the school. Michael Tucker announced that it is the intention of the school to use the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War to organise a Remembrance Service to which ex pupils are to be invited. This will have probably more significance to the ex pupils who attended the Merton Road school at some stage in their school life. We will update this page with more details as we get them.

The Elliott Videos now on line

We have put all three videos from the filming of the school building before refurbishment on line and added to them the video we did in 2006. The Elliott expedition to the Alps in 1984 has also been added and there is room for many more. If you have any video or film footage that you think will be of interest to other Elliottonians, please contact the website. 

All the videos are in a playlist to see them Click Here

Access to the Construction site granted  (AN UPDATE)

On the 2nd of August (a little later than planned) the Elliottonian website was given access to the Schools Main Building. Geoff and Andy Lambert representing start years 1956 & 58 respectively, were allowed access to make a brief video recording of the building before its refurbishment.

It was not the well planned and well executed visit we had hoped for and as a result the building had already undergone a lot of exploratory building work and much of the footage is shaky and poorly lit! However we do now have a lasting record, everyone can now enjoy. We have also answered the question about where did the school lockers disappeared to. 

New section features Elliott Publications opened

Over the last few weeks Edmund Hodges has been scanning the collection of School magazines sent in by some very kind people and we have then added them to the Elliottonian website They make interesting reading even for years when you were not at the school.

Our thanks to those that have sent items and please remember that because there is no longer an Elliott, everything on the website can only come from people like you. So perhaps this weekend you could dig out those pictures and things, you keep meaning to send us! 
Click Here to view.

Old Elliottonians Rugby Football Club (OERFC) reunion

Old Elliottonians Rugby Football Club (OERFC) regularly hold an excellent dinner and reunion for its members. This year as the Elliott School no longer exists, they are taking this opportunity of widening the inviting to all Old Elliottonians, male or female (with their partners), to join their Sunday Lunch Reunion in September 2014. This includes all Old Elliottonian pupils and teaching staff, from both the new (Putney) and the old (Southfields) Elliott School.

Anyone interested can Click Here for more details.

Website to be given access to the Construction site in January 2013 

The erection of the temporary school structure is well underway, ahead of the work to be carried out on the main building.  It is being constructed at the South West end of the site, where Pullman Gardens meets Hayward Gardens.

The Webmaster has requested and obtained permission to make a photograph record of the new temporary building, once completed, so that everyone can see the progress. The school principal Mr Phillips has also kindly offered us the chance to photograph the old building, before restoration.

Come back early next year for the result of this visit.

Edmund Hodges attends the Architects Consultation 

Edmund went in to "the Ark" on the 8th of December, in response to the Architects Consultation invitation and was quite amazed at the progress that has been made. A three storey temporary building has sprung up on the front lawn and Staff Car Park area. From the School Keeper's entrance, it looked as big as the Assembly Hall.

He chatted with two members of the Team of Architects, Hawkins/Brown, who were interested to have someone from 1958 - to ask things like original fascia colour and use of building and spaces, not that he can remember clearly the original exterior colour, beyond the Maroon of the Assembly Hall.  You can read his full report here

Proposed plans for ARK Putney Academy (Elliott School)

The Elliottonian Website has been contacted by APA (Elliott School) consultation inviting all interested parties to a public consultation. This will take  place on the 5th December 5pm-9pm and 8th December 10am-2pm at ARK Putney Academy, Pullman Gardens, London, SW15 3DG. There will be an opportunity for all to discuss the proposed plans and leave comments. They also say you can  e-mail them at APAconsultation@lendlease.com

There is a PDF giving more information available by Clicking Here

There is also more information on the Wandsworth Council website Click Here

Reunion  for some of the 1958 Intake to become an annual event

After another get together of some of the pupils who were in 1b 1h 1r and 1s in 1958 on the 10th October 2012, it was agreed that it will become an annual event. The date for 2013 will be Wednesday the 14th Of August.

In the picture L-R Andy Lambert, Don Freeman Chas Otway, Sylvia Bouquet, Pat Elms, Graham Eyre, Jean Woollett and Tony Irving.

If you would like to attend in 2013 and were in those classes please contact the webmaster Andy Lambert (Pupil 1958-63) who will add you to the email list.

The Elliott School finally losses its proud name after 107 years

At the start of the School academic year in September 2012, the Elliott School name sadly passed into History. The building hence forth will be known as ARK Putney Academy.

A press release from the school said "The former Elliott School in Pullman Gardens, led by headteacher Mark Phillips, celebrated its best ever GCSE results this summer with 63% of children achieving five of more GCSEs at A* - C including maths and English and an increase in A* - B grades across the board. Building on their GCSE success the school welcomed an expanded sixth form cohort back to school today. The has also been undergoing a transformation in preparation for conversion to academy status and joining the ARK Schools academy network which took place this September". 

Update on the Campaign to save the Elliott School's name and buildings

Those protesting about the proposed name change and selling off of the school's grounds to raise funds to repair the school,  have had their story picked up my a number of papers including the Mirror and the Guardian. 

Their official government petition (to force a debate in parliament on the subject) is growing at a steady rate. The petition can be found here   

More information and a Facebook link are here

Reunion  for some of the 1958 Intake October 2012

Once again some of the pupils who were in 1b 1h 1r and 1u in 1958 are meeting up, on the 10th October 2012. As of today (10th Aug) they includ Sylvia Bouquet, Graham Eyre, Don Freeman, Andy Lambert, Tony Irving, Chas Otway, Jean Woollett, Carole Symonds, David Buse and John Webster. It is anticipated the final number will be around 18.

If you were in those classes and would like to attend please contact the webmaster of this website ASAP. The likely location will be the Marquis of Granby in Esher (by the Scilly Isles on the old A3).

Campaign to save the Elliott School name and buildings is underway

It is becoming clear that after many years of neglect the old school is to at last get a face lift, but some are asking at what price? The first causality would appear to be its historic name, with the School likely to be renamed ARK Putney Academy! It is also seems the much loved Gyms and workshops will also be sacrificed. . As a result some people think there maybe a better way to do this and have started a Facebook campaign to try and change these plans. 

More information and a Facebook link are here

Reunion  for some of the 1958 Intake Aug 2011

Some of the pupils who were in 1b and 1u in 1958 decided to meet up on the 31st of August 2011. They were Sylvia Bouquet, Graham Eyre, Don Freeman, Andy Lambert and Tony Irving, who attended all the way from his home in California. Irving, Eyre and Freeman can be seen left from 1960. Several others from those two classes were also planning to attend, but in the end were not able to, due to a number of reasons.

After a great meal at the Marquis of Granby in Esher (which included much laughter and reminiscing) the group attended the Green Man, for a 'swift half'. On the way they stopped by the school and were very kindly invited in, to have a look around the old place.

Some pictures from the day are here

Reunion for some of the 1957 Intake April 2011

Vaughan Melzer sent us some photographs from when she meet with some class mates recently on the common. She says "Peter, Derek, Bibi (Barbara North), Val, (Boxall), Sally (Hill) & myself met up at the Green Man and had a lovely lunch under shady leaves in the garden. We caught up on everyone's life story and recent events, then went for a lovely walk on the Common before all going our separate ways".

The pictures are here

Historic Reunion for Six Old Elliottonian girls September 2010

During September a small group of pupils from the wartime Elliott recently meet up again at Guildown House Guildford, the location where they spent some of the war, while the school was closed.

June (Austin) sends us this report

A brief report on the Parents Forum meeting 13 July 2010

This is a report by Mr. Hodges who attending the meeting on behalf of the Ex Pupils website:

"Having taught at Elliott under Heads - Holmes, Davies, Rospigliosi and Burgess, I had not been impressed by what I saw of more recent Heads. Having attended the Parents’ Forum I came away feeling very hopeful that, with the new Head Mr Phillips, Elliott is at last on its way back to the status it once enjoyed.

Mr Holmes inaugurated a fine building but always insisted that The School was The Pupils.
The School Spirit was sadly missing by 2008 and morale was very low. This situation has been dramatically changed by Mrs Peacock and Mr Phillips outlined the changes he was making to build on this and restore in Pupils and Staff a pride in belonging and achieving.

He mentioned Pupils commenting that they felt scruffy in Tshirts beside local Primary Pupils in Blazers and they look forward to the return of uniform shirts, ties, jerseys and blazers in September. I understand the School will supply the blazers initially to be collected in the first School Days in September. I think there will be one tie, not four House ties, in red and black.

Elliott became a Language Centre, but strangely it is the Language Department that Ofsted at present feels is weakest so I was interested to hear Mr Phillips say that his priority will be to ensure a good balanced education for every pupil before worrying about the School’s special Language status. In fifty years the Grade 2 Listed building has sadly deteriorated. It really looks shabby as you approach. Under "Building Schools for the Future" a bold plan was made to restructure the interior to cope with changed teaching methods. Those of us who shivered in the winter glasshouse will applaud the scheme to double-glaze the building while opening up the teaching areas. With the Financial Crisis this project all seemed doomed.

However, Bovis were practically contracted to start as soon as Easter 2011 and negotiations are ongoing, with some hope that Wandsworth Council and the Government will find a way to proceed with the work, urgently, accommodating the pupils in several blocks of temporary classrooms on the tennis courts while the building is gutted and the Sixth Form block demolished. We were assured that the temporary classrooms will be better to teach in than many of the present classrooms. The Sixth Form is being brought back into the School from its rather segregated life and will interact more with younger pupils".

Further information will be forthcoming on a revamped School Website.

A report on Eric Sanders Book Launch (posted in June 2010)

For those that did not manage to attend, a report from Edmund Hodges: The Launch of Eric Sanders' book took place, as announced, on the 17th June and was well attended by an impressive array of family, friends and associates of Eric Sanders. Excerpts from the book were read out, sampling the extraordinary lifestory from childhood in Vienna, persecution as a Jew and refugee status in England, change of name, acceptance into the Army and enrolment for Special Service behind the lines during WW2.

When Eric was a Teacher at Elliott we knew none of this and his book, first published in German in Austria, has come as a revelation to Pupils and Teachers alike, who were among the ninety or so gathered with the Austrian Ambassador, Eric's MP, Andy Slaughter and many friends from England and Austria to meet Eric and his Publishers on this occasion.

Orders were taken for copies of the book, further orders and enquiries about the book, "Special Operations, From Music to Morse and Beyond" should be directed to
ericsanders@dsl.pipex.com or you can order a copy here

All invited to Eric Sanders Book Launch (posted in May 2010)

Former Elliott School Teacher Alan Morrin has passed on an invitation to the Book Launch of Eric Sanders fascinating autobiographical publication. It will take place on the evening of the 17th of June 2010 in Central London

Those wishing to attend or just interested in more information, should down load the invitation from this Link

Daily Note newspaper - March  2010

On Tuesday the 2nd of March 2010 The Daily Note carried an interesting article reminding its readers, of the musical heritage of the Elliott School.

There have of course been other newspaper reviews of the school eminence in the field of producing great musicians (anyone doubting this should look at our Notable Pupil Page to see just a small percentage of those turned out by our school), however this one is clearly written by someone with a good understanding of the Musical Arts industry .

 The Daily Note newspaper is a daily 'Freesheet' running alongside the Red Bull Music Academy this year, in London.

Click here to download your own copy of the newspaper

Warning a PDF reader is required and the file is a little large at 3mb

Elliott Theatre Reborn - February 2010

The following communication has been received from the new Head of Drama, at the Elliott. Let us hope that this is a positive indication of the Schools new direction. His email address is JKennedy@elliott-school.org.uk

"My name is Jerome Kennedy, I’ve been Head of Drama at Elliott since September 2008. We’ve come quite a long way in the last year or so clearing the theatre and getting it from being a fairly derelict, forgotten looking place to something that is increasingly well-used. We’ve just about got everything running properly and are investing a bit of passion and aspiration into our future programme of events. Generally we’d love contact and support from old Elliottonian's at any level for our events so we can build up an even tighter community and hopefully encourage more things to happen down here, not just from our current staff/student body but also from alumni and the wider community. I wondered if it were possible to include some news and images of our events on your site. Click here to download full size poster

Now Showing - BERNARDA - On Thursday 25th February we’re having a one night only revival of “The House of Bernarda Alba”, a show we originally ran very successfully last term. This night is a charity event for the Haiti fund and we hope to achieve at least as many people coming as we got in the original run. The show is a new “Elliottised” musical comedy version of the Lorca classic, with more Cockneys, Mexicans, pop tunes and accordions then anyone might expect in a Spanish tragedy! It should be a lot of fun. I’ve attached a flyer above – if you could possibly it on your site somewhere it would be very much appreciated.

In Production - THE LEGEND OF LADY DAY - Beyond that, in preparation for the 2010 outdoor Summer Festival, we are developing a production based around the life of Billie Holiday, the chief motivation being that our jazz band here is developing into quite a decent little group and also because we have a number of female performers throughout the school population who are exceptional both as singers and actresses. The idea is that we stagger the story into ten to fifteen minute chunks with a different girl playing Billie at different stages in her life. Also each chunk, consisting of a dramatic scene with a couple of musical numbers (some including dancing) will be directed by a different individual, thus getting as many people involved as possible.

If any Old Elliottonian's are interested in getting involved in any part of this, directing/choreography (that includes joining the band – we could particularly use some more wind/brass elements) then we’d be delighted, the Summer Festival being a community event after all.

Planned – UNTITLED DRACULA PROJECT - For next year, the Drama Department are developing a new production loosely based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and focusing on the character of the lunatic asylum inmate Renfield. The level of student participation will be fairly unprecedented – we’re not simply putting on an existing well-know show like Grease or Bugsy Malone – students are writing their own storyline and script, designing their own costumes, props and scenes as well as working out the lighting, sound and media tech. The music will also be live and involve more than than one student band. Again, anyone interested in supporting or participating, we would appreciate hearing from them."

Hope for the school - June  2009

The following article has appeared in Brightside the civic magazine of Wandsworth Council. Edmund Hodges quit rightly points out their incorrect use of grammar - It should read restore not transform

Action plan for Elliott School

A radical plan to transform Elliott School in Putney into one of the borough's best performing schools has been unveiled.

New leadership will be introduced - with a new head teacher and a new governing body. Plans are also well advanced for a £35m refurbishment of the school under the Government’s Building Schools for the Future programme. This money would see a complete overhaul of the site to improve classrooms and other facilities. Another key element will be for the school to achieve National Challenge Trust (NCT) status, which will secure additional Government funding and allow Elliott to collaborate much more closely with other high-achieving educational establishments.

Potential partners include universities plus school foundations and trusts which run some of London’s highest-achieving independent schools. Elliott is also likely to benefit from a new working relationship with Graveney School in Tooting, which is one of the best performing state schools in England. And to ensure that the voices of parents are heard clearly, a Parents’ Forum will be created to enable them to provide regular feedback on the school’s performance.

Head resigns - May 2009

Sharon Ferrell head teacher announced her resignation on Wednesday (6th) following an Ofsted inspection in March where the inspectors concluded the school (which had been rated as inadequate), was not improving enough and their special measures report is expected shortly.

Councillor Kathy Tracey, executive member for children and young people, said: "This is a completely new start for Elliott. "Once all the changes have been introduced it will, in essence, be a brand new school. "There have certainly been some improvements at the school in the past year, but progress has not been as quick or as solid as we might have hoped. "The council and it partners are determined to remedy this and provide the best possible education for children at Elliott."

Last week 39 teachers threatened to hold a one day strike on Thursday over staffing restructuring, but cancelled it after negotiations on Friday. Fears of compulsory redundancies have now been abated, but the National Union of Teachers (NUT) is waiting to see how the new action plan will affect teachers

Bus trip 27th September 2008

David Wilkinson invited all ex pupils to join him on a Routemaster Road Run. Rex Motley has sent some pictures from the day Click here to see them

Reunion 6th September 2008

Attendance at the reunion was poorly supported. On the plus side those attending, got to see a very hushed and peaceful school. A nice collection of pictures and other memorabilia were brought into the school and where possible copies were taken. A short presentation was given by Michael Tucker on the future of the School Building and although the news was not good, it is clear everyone concerned is trying to preserve as much of the original building as funds will allow.
It is likely that once its future is decided, the main building will be closed within a few years. Those attending the  presentation, agreed that there should be another reunion open to all, at that time. This website will keep you informed of those developments. More detailed report

Reunion for the 1977 Intake

We have received information from Zanir Ebrahim (1977-84) that Dawn Bunel is organising a reunion for students who started in 1977 (give or take a year) and teachers who were at the school from mid-seventies to mid-eighties. It will be on the 4th October at the Green Man Pub on Putney Heath and will commence from midday. Zanir can be contacted on his mobile  07967 118 628 or at work, 020 8969 5733 and Dawn can be contacted via Friends Reunited.

Old Elliottonians RFC

The "Old Elliottonians RFC" are having a reunion Lunch on Sunday 28th Sept 08 at "Heston Blumenthal's" restaurant, "The Hinds Head Hotel", Bray, Berks

Anyone interested in more details please contact: Richard Browning. Click Here

Reunion Planned for 6th September 2008

To commemorate fifty years since the Elliott opened its doors to the 'Bulge' of pupils born after the war, a reunion on the school site is planned. Information on this special event will appear in the Elliott E Group, but if you are keen not to miss out, also email the webmaster (address on the main page), to have your email address added. Although the event is primarily for those who joined between 1956 and 1960, all ex pupils and teachers will be welcome on the day.  Outcome Here

'Guildford Group' meet up after sixty years

On the 13th June 2008, Some wartime pupils meet up again

Read here

'Sooty' meets 'Irish'

On 10 February 2007 Two former Elliott pupils meet at Cannizaro House Hotel in Wimbledon.

Stephen Alambritis (school nickname Sooty) was there with his wife, in his capacity as a local councillor attending the Mayor of Merton's Charity Ball. Staying at the Hotel was fellow Elliottonian and film star Pierce Brosnan (school nickname Irish).

Read here

The Schools is Evacuated


On Thursday the 18th of January the School had to be vacated, as a result of the dangerous weather conditions. A number of windows were blow in and sections of scaffolding (been used by building contractors) were seen to be "flying about".

Read here

The Schools fiftieth birthday

On Saturday the 4th of November 2006 a reunion was held at the school site Read here

School couple in a bitter sweet story

August 2006 the local paper carries this story Read here

A reunion for those that joined in 1958

Saturday the 6th of September 2008 has been proposed as a date for a 50 year reunion Read here

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