Elliott School Related Pictures

The life blood of this site is its many pictures and in this section, you will find a number of picture collections. The first collection is by the site's webmaster Andy Lambert. They were taken around the school building and grounds, in 2003 and will no doubt bring back memories for some, who are unable to visit the school. Then there are pictures from others, taken at some of the reunions and a growing Historical section divided into the Old Elliott (pre 1956) and today's building.

If you have a picture you think others would like to see, please submit it to the site. They should be at least 75DPI and 1000 pixels wide. If sent as JPG's they should end up at about 400k in size. Note if computers 'leave you cold', email us for alternative arrangements, for example us scanning the pictures for you and returning them.

Take a 'virtual tour' with the Webmaster's pictures, taken inside the school grounds in 2003
Top Floors Lower Floors The Grounds
General Historical pictures sent into the website
The New Elliott (after 1956) Gallery 1 The New Elliott (after 1956)  Gallery 2 The New Elliott (after 1956) Gallery 3
Southfields Elliott (Pre 1956) Gallery 1 Southfields Elliott (Pre 1956) Gallery 2
(coming soon)
The New Putney Elliott Building
Individual Pupils Picture Collections submitted to the website (where are yours?)
Andy Lambert 1958-63 Bernard Tinker 1955-1962 Bruce Gadsby 1956-61
David Willis 1956-63 Harry Papadopoulos 1964-71 Jacky Loftus 1956-61
Cllr Stephen Alambritis 1968-75   John Morris 1956-59
Elliott School Art 
Gallery One   Gallery Two
Reunion pictures sent into the website
Elliott Putney 30th Reunion 1986 Elliott Centenary Reunion 2004 Elliott Putney 50th Reunion 2006

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