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This interesting section, features Elliott publications of all types. Even if you were nothing to do with the Elliott, you may find some of the articles fascinating. For example the editions from just before the war, which give, a feel for the approaching uncertain times (those readers may also be interested in the "At War" section elsewhere on this website).  

If you did attend the school at anytime time, please remember that this website is only going to grow with your help! So please contact us if you have anything we can include here. Especially if it is any of the missing numbers of The Elliottonian. Also if computers 'leave you cold', email us for alternative arrangements, for example us scanning the item for you and returning it.

Using this page: Below is the index to the publications we have 'on line' the first link is to an HTML version of the item. If however it has the word Flash beside it, that will take you to a modern FLASH version. Not all computer will display this correctly, but if yours does, you will find it a better way to view.

The Elliottonian (School Magazine)
1937 Midsummer  (No. 186)  Flash 1937 Christmas  (No. 187)  Flash
1938 Easter  (No. 188)  Flash 1938 Midsummer  (No. 189)  Flash 1938 Christmas  (No. 190)  Flash
1939 Easter  (No. 191)  Flash 1939 Midsummer  (No. 192)  Flash
After the war The Elliottonian became more or less an annual publication.
1948 Midsummer  (No. 206) Flash 1949 Midsummer  (No. 207) Flash 1950 Midsummer  (No. 208) Flash
1951 Midsummer  (No. 209) Flash 1952 Midsummer  (No. 210) Flash 1953 Christmas  (No. 211) Flash
1954 Christmas  (No. 212) Flash 1956 Midsummer  (No. 213)  Flash 1957 Spring Flash
1957 Midsummer Flash 1958 Spring  Flash 1958 Midsummer Flash
The Elliottonian stops in 1958 and is replaced by The Trumpeter
1958 Christmas  Flash 1959 Christmas (Part 1)  Flash 1959 Christmas (Part 2)  Flash
1960 Midsummer   Flash 1961 Spring   Flash
The Trumpeter stops in 1961 and is replaced by the Elliott Magazine
1961 Midsummer 1963 Elliott Magazine 1964 Elliott Magazine
1965 Midsummer
Miscellaneous Publications
The Opening Program 1957 The 50th Anniversary 2006 Archivist's List 2004
Prize Giving 1959   Miscellaneous other Items

Some Contributors of the above publications:

Patrick Williams. Geraldine Bishop.  Daphne Watson. Derek Hathaway. Peggy Allen, nee Worley.
June Austin. Gillian Bradshaw nee Ticehurst, P. Clarke.  Edmund Hodges. Harry Mason

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