Do you have any special recollections good or bad (but not slanders), about your time at the School ?

Do you have any special recollections about your time at the Elliott ? If so we would love to hear from you. We would like to publish the more interesting recollection here on the old Pupils Web Site. Therefore, if you are submitting an item for this section, please remember to state if any part of it is Private Comment (not for publication), when you submit.

To start 'the ball rolling' I have repeated below a story I first told on the Friends Reunited site about that legend Mr Holmes. Please lets make this section grow, send us your stories to keep my one company!

Please remember we are keen to hear from anyone with Photos, Magazines, Uniform and any other memorabilia that people might feel ready to show on the Web Site.

Your Recollections
Mr Holmes by Andy Lambert 1958-63 Misbehaving by Rosemarie Schwarz 1957-62 
Railway Detonators by Jim Hubbard  1968/9 Teachers by Les Cooper 1947-52
Reprint of Alison Prince's Article  1957  Thoughts of Terry Hughes 1954-59
Thoughts of Bridget Byrne (nee Case)  1957  Thoughts of Shirley Page (nee Smith) 1950-56 
A funny story by Doug Parker 1961  Joan Child (Teacher) by Roger Maxwell 1975-82+
The New School by Bernard Tinker 1955-61 After Hour Clubs by Andy Lambert 1958-63
June Broomer (nee Austin) 1942-45  Jeff Cordery on Jack Kyte 1958-63
John H Ellen on “Archie” Andrews 1952-56 Richard Ellisdon on the old & new School 1952-57
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Here are some Snippets in Brief

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