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A lovely photo of some lovely girls, enjoying a day at the Theatre in London (around 1964).
Left to right - Sylvia Bouquet, Pat Elmes, Pat Woods and Sally Pethybridge. Picture from Sylvia Bouquet

Left to right the boys are Terry Lock, Jeff Woodman, Malcolm Peacock and Chris Willmott. Girls at present unnamed
The occasion was the 1958 or 1959 Prize Giving and they have House Cups for Athletics.

An unknown year (around 1957) with Mr. Seal. From Rex Motley

1957 Tennis Team Top centre is Fred Smith. Middle Right is John Gritt and the front row is Terry Bailey, Richard Ellisdon and Robin Hancox.

Basket Ball Team 1956/57 This picture was taken by Mr Gibson who was the P.E. teacher at that time (Step 1957).
It was taken at the new school site in Putney, although the team had been formed in 1956 at the old Merton Road site.
The names of the members L-R Front row :- Mike Smithers, Peter Dell, Bob Booth (Capt), Brian Chaney, John Easton.
Rear row :- George Roullier, Malcolm Robertson, Dick Worland, David Millstead, Rodney Sansom From: RICHARD WORLAND

Some of Class 4T 1955/56
L-R:- George Roullier, Mr Andrew "(Archie)" Ray Lincon, Mike Smithers, Brian Chaney, and Malcolm Robertson.
The picture was probably taken in year 1955/56 and submitted by RICHARD WORLAND

Girls Rowing Team - Barn Elms Regatta 1964
Rosemary Schwarz, Gillian Rosenthal, Morwenna Laman, Sandra Holden (Stroke) and Helen Sadler (Cox) Gillian Rosenthal (now Collingbourne) went on to row in The Eights for Great Britain, in the 1966 European Championships

Christmas Party in Elliott Dinning area about 1959 (note those wooden lockers in the background.
Mr. Trotter. A great Physics Teacher who inspired me to study Science at University says Bruce Gadsby ( Saxon ) Pupil 1956 to 1961 Pictures from Bruce Gadsby

Christmas Party in Elliott Dining area about 1959. Mr. Seal, splendid in his 'Drain Pipes' Pictures from Bruce Gadsby

Christmas Party in Elliott Dining area about 1959. Can anyone put names?
We know Teacher Gordon (Charlie) Potter is dancing and behind looking a little bored is Mr Addison.
Pictures from Bruce Gadsby

Rose Pearce on the left, Mimi Howe in dark glasses and three other unidentified Teachers. Norway school trip 1959.
Pictures from Bruce Gadsby

An Unknown person, Arthur Foskett and Miss Kelly.
Bruce recalls "At the end of the lesson she would sit on the bench and smoke a fag ( not these days )". Pictures from Bruce Gadsby

Front is Marian Valance, Kofi Odamtten. Behind is, Paul Pollack and Roger Chessman. No protective glasses, gloves or coats in those days
Pictures from Bruce Gadsby

Right to left John Roffey, Hugh Walters and Miss Cotchin who was the geography teacher on the ill-fated school trip to Norway around 1959. The school party got stuck on a glacier and Geoff Woodman and myself (Bruce Gadsby) managed to get down the mountain and raise the alarm. The mountain rescue got the party down". Pictures from Bruce Gadsby

Submitted by Edmund Hodges - Can you identify any of these industrious wood workers?

Another submitted by Edmund Hodges and taken in his classroom around 1960
Do you know who these lads sorting Lino triangles are, both above and below?

It is Jonathan Gordon on the right, but can you name the other two?

Submitted by Edmund Hodges - A school group on a trip to Chambon Printers. Are you here?

The New Elliott's Open Day, it was opened by Sir Hugh Gaitskill.
Mary Fallon, Margaret Webb and others perform Scottish dancing. Picture from Mary Fallon (now Harrison) 1955-1960

Elliott Cricket First XI about 1963
Back Row : James Wilson, Norman Foskett, Richard Steele, Julian Proudman, John Jaques, David Read
Front row: Leroy Spurway, Graham Brightwell, Gerson Kesner, Barry Duhig, Richard Summerbell

Elliott Rowers 1964.
Identified so far is left is John Nation, 2nd back to camera unknown but possible 'Ginger' Webster, Colin Bastin, Next head unknown, Mick Martin, last is probably the boathouse keeper helping to get the boat out.

An extract from the school Magazine in 1964 reads. " Crews practise regularly on Wednesday afternoons. In the Barn Elms Regatta the School entered in the boys' events a second light eight, a senior light four, and one sculler. Although no pots were won it was a good experience against older crews and the senior eight is still with us this year. The strict coaching ratio at Barn Elms means that we have a girls' eight and a boys' eight, whereas all-boys' schools have a first and second eight to choose from. Harder training by all is needed to overcome this. J. Nation, W. Killick, M. Martin, C. Bastin, M. Scott and C. Hopkins have trained regularly and Chris Hopkins also coxes the Westminster Bank crew".

A sports event at Hurlingham Club
So far can only identify Joe Welsh (second from right)

A picture from 1963 includes Miss Joyce (3rd left) a French and Spanish teacher who later became Madam Rouve after marrying a French film director. Next is Mr Charles Forgione who taught Latin. Then Elizabeth Cross the English Teacher, who later would become Deputy Head.

Sandra Lundy (now Crisell) 1957-1963

The photo was taken before a home match at the School's Raynes Park ground in 1964.
This team was the school 1st XV and consisted of players from the 5th and 6th forms. It was coached by Nigel Pescod
Back Row; John Webster, Joe Welsh, Norman Foskett, Ken Rowsell (could be Alan Cusack), Ian Goodenough, Emmerson Peart, Geoff Ashby, Paul Green, Colin Elliott, Tony Wheeler
Front Row; Mick Martin, John Elliott, Malcolm (Cas) Castleton(Captain), Joe Cefai and John Welsh
Picture originally from Paul Green and then updated with a better copy from Nigel Pescod

Back row: Rosemary Schwarz / Sandra Lundy / Barbara Hawkins / Linda Lee / Pauline Askew
Front row: Jennifer Frost / Janice O'Dell
The picture was taken around 1963 and is from: Sandra Lundy (now Crisell) 1957-1963 With help on names from Alan Goulder

Teachers and (possible Pupils) doing a Parachute Jump in 1976 (Names wanted)
This is what we have so far - L-R Asif Patel , Ashley Johnson, Clive Warries , ?, ?, Mr Jervis, Miss Chollet, Mr Hein, Julia Griffiths, Claire Bonnewell.

Photo from Sue Bickell. Can anyone name them or say what they are doing?

Newspaper Cutting from Charles Huynh

A group of 'enthusiastic' pupils, taking part in 'Noye's Fludde' during 1966.

The masks were loaned to the Elliott, by Mayfield School. Picture from Peter Miles

Also from the same production Diana Devlin as Mrs Noye and various pupils including
Harry Papadopoulous (Judith Bastin thinks Caroline Downey, Marjorie Barnes and Julia Eisenmeyer may also be there)
Picture from Edmund Hodges

6th Form Group, at the Telegraph Inn 1960-61
Left to Right Perry Nove, Rose Harding, Marian Valance, David Gallier, Arthur Foskett (Perry can be found in our notable pupils section)

At the Green Man pub - Steve Allender, David Gallier, Arthur Fosket, Bruce Gadsby, (back right unknown)
From Bruce Gadsby (Pupil) 1956-1961

6th Form group, in car park 1960-61
Left to Right Marian Valance, Rose Harding, Perry Nove, Janice Reynolds, David Gallier, Doris King, Arthur Foskett, Dorothy Noble, David Holland and possibley Christine Robinson on the end
From Bruce Gadsby with help from June Bavin (Chitty) 1955-1961

A classic studio study from the sixties. This one shows Jim Jackson in 1965, standing proud in his uniform.
After undertaking a Motor Trade apprenticeship in Putney, Jim stayed in the trade and is now a Director of an Atlanta based Automotive Group

Andrew Ward (left) while at Elliott. centre with, trainee Wendy Smith and right Dominic Krzysiak, AV technician.
In the background is one of Elliott's 'Martian Monster' television monitors.

Andrew Ward was Media Resources Officer 1971 - 1974. and replaced A/V Assistant Les Greenwood. He had a former classroom in the corner of Audrey Blackwell's Library and taught many teachers (and some pupils) to operate 16mm film projectors in the days before video-cassette recorders.

We have been sent this unusual picture by Sally Valentine. She thinks it was 1982 or 3 and says kneeling on the floor on the left is Debbie (can't remember her surname), Vicky, Amanda Lang, Jackie Drummond, Kerry Faulkner, Alison Wilkinson, Me (Sally Forbes). The girl in the background was Tracey Banborough (Sally thinks). This was taken in our Home Economics class when we all had to bring a small child in for the day and provide a small tea party for them.
Pictures from Sally Valentine (nee Forbes, known as Benny at the time)

This is a second picture of Sally with some friends in 1982 taken in Lytton Grove, Putney outside the Army Cadets

See print below

From the 1965 The Elliott Magazine submitted by Sandra Velvick, Pupil 1958-65,

The School Choir conducted by Mary Towersey in the early sixties.
From Sandra Velvick,

The School Choir again, this time with Priscilla Cooper a visiting teacher around 1963.
From Sandra Velvick,

The School Choir conducted by Mr Fox, around 1959 or 60.
I it was taken from the stage. Some interesting notes on this picture: by Gillian Bradshaw (nee Ticehurst) and Edmund Hodges
Front row of Choir, 3rd left, is Janet Reeves, next Freda Cook. Extreme right of front row of Choir, Janet Phillips. In the back row is Mr McKee and Eileen Pethybridge" Mr Long is just visible over Mr Fox's right shoulder and Mr Hemens over his left. To the right of Mr Long it looks like Garth Gibson and in front of the pillar is Miss Sleightholme Under the Exit sign are Mr Keyte and Mr Uden. Sitting pensively alone is Mr Healey and the lady in the audience just behind Mr Fox is Miss Caldwell

Here we can see Mr McKee is at the piano. Janet Phillips is Leader, We think obscured by Mr McKee Next to her is Janet Reeves. Bottom left Mr Keyte playing the Cello and to his right Miss Janet Jones on Violin. Just above Mr Keyte is Mr Astley and near Mr Fox's head can be seen Miss Beacon.
Both pictures submitted by: Gillian Bradshaw (nee Ticehurst)

Janet Phillips stands behind Julia Hadingham, Gillian Ticehurst and Janet Reeves.

The same four messing about, probably before or after school judging by the long shadows .

The four friends rehearsing in Mr Fox's classroom probably early sixties.
All three pictures submitted by: Gillian Bradshaw (nee Ticehurst)

Elliott Boys Rowing Eight c.1963
L-R:- Stephen Perry, ?, Brian Page, ?, John Burrows, Joe McCreith, ?, ?, Dave Hanson. Picture from Joe McCreith

1st year Cricket XI circa 1962 or 1963
(Left to Right) Back row - Jeff Morley, Peter Sykes, Ray Crawley, Derek Chaplin, Kit Westwood, Keith Plummer
Front Row: Ian Turner Paul Parker, Keith Ballard, Richard Weston, Alan Turner

Jeff Cordery has sent in this picture showing Mr (Jack) Keyte's Geography class
He also included an enlightenment in to the skills practised by Mr Keyte which you can read in the recollections section

Pamela Baines sent in this photo taken in grounds: they are L/R Gloria Parmee, Jill Riegal, Chris Ferrer, Anne Strugnell, Priscilla Brett and Sandra Woods

Another from Pamela Baines again taken in grounds: