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The front entrance and some Staff on their terrace. Note the Jelly-mould Morris Minor.
A guess from Edmund Hodges from Left, Addison, Uden, ?, Webberley, ?, ?, Cross, Moore, Scarrott, ?, Todd, Clay.

The upper Foyer showing original seating, (the greatly missed) wooden lockers and sad plants struggling in the trough built in by the Staircase wall.
The picture was taken before the Library was extended. From Barbara Scarrott

The Assembly Hall, with the boxes used for sets and stage extensions, hanging panels which replaced the original appliqué hanging, and were changed from time to time.

Note the original and noisy tip-up wooden seats on the balcony. From Barbara Scarrott

The main block from the Staff Room Terrace.
There appears to be a little fence along the edge of the grass. Can anyone confirm that is what it is and when? From Barbara Scarrott

A classic image used in several publications.
Presumably taken from the roof of one of the blocks of flats opposite the school.

This picture published in the Trumpeter Christmas 1959 edition shows Mrs Nixon wife of the then Vice President of the United States visiting the school
From Patricia Brown (Killeen)

A group of pupils from the Sixth Form 1988/9, seen seated with teacher Nick Sheppard
Pictures from Charles Huynh

Hard at work on the printing presses
Left to right - Dennis Daly, Linda Hatswell and Terrence Spooner.

'Trundlers' Staff Cricket team 1963 or 64

From left, Standing:- John Riley PE; Tim Haughan, Commerce; Myles McDowell, English; (Brian Wallace, English is hidden behind) Tony ? not known; Sean Healey, History; Stephen Willink, Classics; Bernie Beach, Physics; Charles Winder, English; Raymond Long, History; Stanley Todd, English; Robin Seal, History (?); George Brown, Maths; Bob Maloney, maths; and Ian Rance, History.

Front row:-Kneeling Garth Gibson, PE; Alan Ibbotson, Woodwork; Charles Forgione, Languages; Roy Booker, Maths; Noel McKee, Music; and is Mr White PE.
Picture from Barbara Scarrott

Probably Rugby XV 1959
Top Row Dia Reese: - Adrian Brown: - Mick Phelps: - Mike Ridge: - Jim Gatland: - Colin Church: - Geof Castleton: - Peter Ribi
Middle Roger Turner: - Malcolm Mann: - Steve Tipthorpe:- Bunney Warren: - Ted Delaney
Front Terry Locke: Laurie Rutt. Pictures from Malcolm Mann

School 1st XV 1960/61

Rear Row: Geoff Woodman - Phil Barnes - Paul Turner Mid Row: Hans Tammegar - Dave Dubbin – Garry Lawrence - Alan Cusack(?) – Richard Harris - Ian Martin - Malcolm Mann – Roger Turner

Front Row: Dave Nove – Kofi Odamtten _ Dave Knight – Ted Delaney. Pictures from Malcolm Mann

Pictures from Stuart Noble Who says "This is a photo of the then percussion tutor Reg Skirrow who sadly passed away in June 2007 aged 92 years.
I took the picture down in the practice rooms under the stage. I had many many happy times playing music at the Elliott and remained a personal friend with Reg. I understand that he was teaching only up until a few years ago having taught for more than 20 years at Elliott. I do miss him"

Geography Teacher Hugh Walters with some Elliott pupils in Norway, 1960.

Edmund Hodges is fairly sure the boy in the middle is Michael Ling. Pictures from Vaughan Meltzer

Group of pupils at Marchants' Hill 1962
(Two name so far, the lad holding up the boy in his cool shades is Albert Clarke and the middle face on the right with the mop of hair is David Beard )

Some of the cast of the 1962 school production of Much Ado.

Barbara Scarrott doing the make-up for David Spalding.
Picture from the 1963 School Magazine and submitted by Sandra Velvick,

Five pupils fooling on a motorbike in the front car park in about 1965 (Note all the different Austins in the background)
L-R Humphrey Jaeger, Bill Bailey, Graham Parker, Mel Kennedy and Vini Chaipanich. Photo, from Jonathan Gordon

Some of form 5T 1962

Names, listed L - R S. Sansom, T. Fiddler, A. Boots (hidden), K. Webb, J. Wallace, Mr D. Bolam (Teacher)
J. Vickery, R. Webb, B. Turner, R. Saukield, R. Newsome, J. Geen. Picture from Tony Reid

A poor picture of some pupils, but it shows the school weather station that was once located at the western side of the school.
You willl find an article on the Meteorological Society in the 1961 school magazine

Thought to be some of Sixth Form in 1986, with Teachers Patrick Frawley and Nick Sheppard.

A Mural painted by Teacher Ivor Astley at the back of his classroom
Picture from Roy Hunt

Ivor Astley also painted the School Coat of arms on the wall by main entrance reproduced above.
Information from Roy Hunt and Edmund Hodge

A poor image of a group of pupils outside the school around 1966 - Can you tell us more please?

NS1 1968 (Can anyone provide the extra names?) Picture from: Dave Dale

Back row (4 People) Frank Dormer, ??, Andrew Tucker, Lawrence Payne.
Middle Row Martin Bristow, ??, ??, Ian Hagger, Dave Dale, Ian McCulloch.
Front Row ??, Andrew McCann, Andrew Bartlett.

New intake of teachers have a welcome drink and pose on the steps in 1974
(did you think it was an audition for Saturday Night Fever extras)

Woodwork Class in 1958 From left to right: ?, ?, John Cambridge, John Drage, ?, ?, ?, Colin Goodbody, Joel Blue.
Can you add any? Photo from John Cambridge

This 'Juliet Cap' was worn in 1956 by Chris Montogmerie née Chitty,1952-57 and still in tip-top condition.
Postings on the Elliott Egroup suggest that they were still in use until at least 1964.

Above is the badge in close up as well a blazer badge worn by Chris when she represented the school with the Javelin.

this is a boy's cap belonging to Frank Clark 1957-60,
Note that the school badge is stitched directly onto the cap and not a separate badge as in the one above.
Does anyone know when the change was made, or if indeed, the boy and girl garment were manufactured differently?

The original 1956 winter uniform, blazer, grey skirt and house tie on a white shirt.
Photo from Edmund Hodges

Geography trip to Slapton Ley, Devon in 1977 with Robin Hunter, to study the water supply on the moors as part of Hydrology.

Florence Prah. Michael Murphy, Peter Collins, Alistair Burnett.

Michael Murphy and Peter Collins.

Pictures from Michael Murphy,

The above Timetables relate to 5U 1959 (top) and 4U 1958 from Rex Motley

Some other memorabilia sent in by Rex Motley

School Christmas Fayre from around 1970 being visited by Actor / Writer Colin Welland who around this time, received a BAFTA for his roll as a Teacher, in the 1969 film Kes.
Colin had been an Art Teacher at Manchester Road Secondary Modern, before he became famous with his roll as PC David Graham in Z-Cars

Back in the days when Media 'Personalities' had a personality, David Jacobs the smooth talking DJ and TV presenter attend the 1958 Christmas Fair.

The highly amusing Retirement Poem penned by Maurice Holmes.
Have fun working out who all the initials refer to!

Old Elliottonians Rugby 1st XV 1963/64

Back Row (L-R) Fred Simmons (Blazer) - Bill Webb - Peter Hughes - Richard Browning - Micky Phelps - Jim Gatland
Middle Row (L-R) Bob Stone - ? ? - Dave Dubbin - Alan Reece - Paul Carter
Front Row (L-R) Richard Harris - Gary Lawrence - Steve Thipthorp (Capt) - Dave Knight - Trevor (Bunny) Warren

Picture from Richard Browning who adds "Most are wearing OERFC rugby shirts and socks, but Richard Harris (and Alan Reece) are wearing an Elliott School shirt with OERFC socks. The Elliott School official rugby strip was Red and Black Hoops (same as Twickenham RFC )"

Above the School XV 1964-65 and below the Old Boys for the same years Picture from Nigel Pescod

Back Row L-R: Joe Cefai, Ken Rowsell, Peter Dubbin, Colin Elliott, Ian Buckley, Ian Goodenough, Emerson Peart, ?, ?,
Seated Row: Mr Pescod, Norman Foskett, John Webster, John Elliott, Malcolm Castleton (Capt), Joe Welsh, Mick Martin, Paul Green and Tony Wheeler.

Any one want to name the Old Boys from 1964-65

A lovely study taken in 1971 by Andrew Ward (then the Media Resources Officer).
It shows Eric Sanders 8mm Cine Club in the projection room of the then Odeon Hammersmith, now the Apollo Theatre.
Nagin Mesuria, David Dale, Alan Rye, Martin Bristow and one other watching as the Chief Projectionist examines a 35mm print of 'Diamonds Are Forever' for possible damage.

The above picture was sent in by Ty Priestman (1962-66) and shows a School trip to Battle Abbey in Hastings around 1964

Ty says "I am the scruffy one standing on the wall, the girl next to me was Pamela Mitchell (sadly deceased when only 15), the girl next to her was Maria Donnelly, the others in the photo are the Saunders twins and a boy with the surname Groves, ? David. (thanks to Ena Nichols for the info on Pamela and naming all in the photo, I wish I had a memory like hers)".

Elliott maths class from around 1971/2 Picture from Colin Brill.
Back Row: Tim Sewell, Roland Celose, Roy Ball, Phillip Rowe, Richard Gray, Jeffrey Murphy, Colin Brill, Kay Weeks.
Middle Row :Diana Durant, Lindsey Danvers, ?, Cathrine Higgins, Gillian Peake, Bovett White, Mary Sinkinson.
Front Row: Martin Frost, Sean Flynn, Lindsey Barnett (Died 2004), Susan McCarthey,

This shows Art Room 167 with a 6th form Sculpture Group. c.1960/61
On the left are Tony Wheeler, in 6th and Dennis Huntley, at that time Head of Art. Photo from Bruce Gadsby

Elliott School Hockey Team coached by Peter Farmer in 1965/66 Season.

Left To Right Standing - David Chin, Michael Lee, Malcolm Reed, Albert Clark, Dunstan King, Peter Moore, Ali Sherwani.
Sitting - Joseph Chin, Chris (Khirz) Naqvi, Anil Kumar, Jess Mulla.

Jess Mulla who sadly passed away in 2014 told us "this was the first team to win the London School Boys Championship" and that "some who stayed on after 1966, went to win the Championship in the 1966/67 and 1967/68 season"

Stuart Noble's sent us this picture of his Elliott Carnival Tee Shirt from 1994

A great study of the newly opened "Elephants Head" playground from around 1956

Note the small trees and lack of parked vehicles in the road

Roughly the same view from 2013 notice the new road put in during 2011, to allow builder's plant to drive around inside the grounds

Three images of teacher Lou Williams' Science Class

Three images showing pupils making a Tapestry that was to be hung on the wall behind the stage for the official opening of the Putney Elliott.

A picture of some teachers and pupils, outside the school year unknown but thought to be around 1956

A picture of some teachers and pupils, in the hall, year unknown but thought to be around 1956 and maybe for the Officail opening

A 6th form lunch from probably around 1968. Ian Berle thinks the young lady on the right is I Sasha Josephides and that the other lady may have been a Helen.
Picture from Ian Berle (1962 - 1968)

A lovely pictures showing Mr Forgione the Celt Housemaster and Mr Webberley, Norman Housemaster.
Picture from Ian Berle (1962 - 1968)

The 1956/7 1st X1

Back row left to right. Fred Fuller, Michael Elliot, ???, John Legge, Derek Miller, Ronnie Carpenter.
Front row left to right. Ron Naldrett, Brian Clark, Fred Smith ( Capt.), Ted Parrish, Louis Long.
Picture and information from Edward (Ted) Parrish

Some rowing items from David Brown, the first two relating to the head of 'The River Race'.
Flying the flag for the school were Coxwain Philip Rodbard, the Stroke was Stuart Reader and bow no. 7 was David Brown who thinks one of the other crew was called David Dury.

A newspaper report of The Putney Town Regatta on 9th June 1968, also from David Brown