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Some pictures from Joe McCreith who was in 5U in 1963 and with others from that year went on a school trip to Italy.

The first picture shows a group at the Neptune Fountain, Villa d`Este in Tivoli. Joe thinks from left to right is Mr Uden, Christine Capewell, Miss Facer, ? Dave Hanson, Chris Wilson, Joe thinks kneeling is Linda Fulcher, ?, Mr Holmes, ?, ?, ?. Please feel free to submit additions or corrections for all these images.

Joe recalls "We stayed in a convent, this is the garden, the boys stayed on one side of the garden on the first floor and the girls on the other side of the garden. We had a Nun sleeping at the bottom of the stairs and had great fun sneaking across when she fell asleep.

At the Tivoli Villa d`Este after a shopping trip maybe?

Overlooking Rome, left to right John Meir, Joe McCreith himself, Linda Fulcher, Chris Wilson

Christine Radford says the girl or the right is me, the girl next me with blonde hair is Linda Fulcher. Andrea Maddocks says Is that Sandra Woods and Christine Crawley at the back? Anne Strugnell at the front? I also think Wendy Goulding was on the right at the front. Joe McCreith thinks Fred Day on the right and Margaret Capewell on the left.

The image below was submited by Hayley Straker who says:- This pic was our first day picture as 1994 year 7 intake. The female teacher is Mrs Wright who was form tutor for 7FW, she also taught German. The male teacher was head of year Mr Tucker. I am the girl with blue jacket in the front Others I can remember the full names of are Emma Shaw, Teresa Cootes, Aran Ness, Candice Scott Wright, Chantel Amadi, Danny Conran, Leon Buckman, Arran Ness, Seems Marzouq, Shirin Jabari, Joanne Hobbs, Mark Sedgewick, Daniel Brown, Ashley Waterman, Gary Brown, Leigh Hulls, Terry Crooks, Neil Richardson

This Part is a Random selection of pictures of Staff Teachers and Students taken between between 2003 - 2004.
Submitted by Simmone Brooks















If you want to submit names to the above images please do so but make it clear which image number you are referring to

These two photos were submitted by Terry Mackie from she thinks 1961. They were colour but had faded so much when I processed them to get rid of scratches it all went. They show first Olive Wilcox, Terry Baron, Helen Mackie, Pat Gilbert Annette Lebaige (not sure of spelling) and Geri Spragg. The Second one shows Terry squeezing Olive Wilcox if you can add any names please do.