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3:03 PM on the 3rd of September 2003

The majority of these photos, were taken during a visit to the school by Andy Lambert in 2003, plus a few from the School open day in 2004.
This set shows the lower levels as they were in 2003/4

Looking along the coridors

Looking across to the Library and dinning area

A very modern library has replaced the stuffy room I remember.

Gone are the two corridors down the side of the Library and it has also been extended more in to the dining area.

School dinners anyone?

Another passagway

A new and modern classroom interior

Yes that is me, I remember sitting here listening to Miss Cast 'going on' about the Industrial Revolution.
The number of times in later life, I wished I had listened more.

Main entrance

The stairs down to the offices

This was the Tuck Shop entrance

Lower part of the Hall

Another view

The stage and the Elliott War Memorial

Under the stage. In these rooms there was a lot of . . . practising that went on!

Imagining setting on them for an hour

The upper Hall

The Stage

Looking towards the Hall

Another set of steps this time by the lift

In the school Theatre

Queuing for dinner, starts here!

The Workshop and Gym area

This is the boy's changing room

The girls today (2003) have individual showers, but even they had to endure this back in the sixties.

One of the great Gyms

Another view

Viewing area above the Gym

They could be devided or open as here

One of the Workshops

Engineering has always been one of the school's strengths

Both woodwork and metalwork were catered for

Another view

Another view

Another view

Another view


Another view

Another view

Another view

Tonight's Homewok

A fifty year old vice

One of the workshops has now come into the new millennium