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The school has always had a reputation for a high standard of art, this section has been produced to record some of it.
You will also find other Art also appearing throughout the other pages.

The above design was created in 1959 by Edmund Hodges (Head of Art 1969 -1985). It was first used on the 'Elliofacets' book project in 1959 (examples below). At the same time he designed the version with 'Bearers' for official use on Certs and also to update the version by Mr Astley, that was displayed outside the Headmaster's office.

This startling 3-colour lino-cut by Bob Croucher, was produced for his 'O' level in 1963.
All of us who knew him were saddened to hear that he died in a car accident some time after leaving Elliott.

This is another lino-cut by Bob, part of a 4th yr book project on Edward Lear Nonsense Rhymes.

Bee an A Level print by C.S.Barrett
Screen prints, or Serigraphs are produced by making a series of stencils by blocking parts of a fine silk mesh stretched over a frame.
These are laid on the printing paper or fabric and ink is squeeged through the mesh.

Waterfall an A Level print by Christopher Drew

Frog an A Level print by Victoria Cottrell

St George, Stephen Dimmock O Level 1965

Sailboat a Lino-cut print for A Level by Lidia Jovanovic 1966

Jungle Lino-cut print for A Level by Jonathan Mattey 1967

Traction Engine for O Level by Jonathan Mattey 1967

Dragon this striking O Level print is by Linda Hatswell in 1967 - Below is Linda creating the print.

Linda Hatswell in 1967 creating the print above.

How to do it, by Art Teacher Edmund Hodges:-
A clever system he devised to ensure a pleasing result for any pupil of any age group, 2nd year to 6th who worked with care and imagination, irrespective of their ability to draw.

The Four Evangelists from 1960, an early experimental project for the after school Typography Club, from which Class projects were developed. Three 2nd yr boys in Mr Hodges Tutor Group, 2L worked together, often until asked by the School Keepers to leave at 6pm. They shared a cover and type-printed pages, each adding their own four 3-colour lino-cut pages, looking at all sorts of design reference including coins and stamps, Bewick engravings, sculptures and medallions. They each printed an 'Edition' of 12 copies.

The images are by: Leonard Colledge 2L David Vickery 2L Edward Feilder 2L

This is just a small selection from the 120 or so examples in the collection of Edmund Hodges.

Another piece by David Vickery, 2L
Here he set up and printed some Shakespeare lines and then produced a three-colour Lino-cut to illustrate and decorate it as a double spread, as if in a book.

The next collection of images you will see are some Art Department Book Projects.
These were mainly group projects to encourage collaboration between pupils, setting up and printing type and line-cuts and were single section sewn booklets often with dust jackets
This one is from 1959 and involved eleven boys and 30 copies of 'Elliofacets' were printed and stitched

This is 'The History of the Telescope and is the work of Michael Oakley and John Kinnon

These two images are part of 'Four Popular Sports' the work of 2 boys from 5th Year

'The House that Jack Built' produced by 4 boys from the 4th year.

From Paul Gilbey's 'Houses'

The Owl and the Pussy cat by Kenneth Morgan

From 1963 two 2nd year 2b printed 'Mythical Monsters'

From 1963 two 2nd year 2b printed 'History Rhymes'

And again from 1963 two 2nd year 2b printed 'History Rhymes'

'Sign of the Zodiac' by some 1st year boys in 1967

The above image is a reprint of an amusing drawing by Bob Wilkinson, that appeared in the the school magazine

This is the printing block made to reproduce

Another of Bob's work

and another

the next two images show 'Bottle Men' that were produced by 1st year pupils in Edmund Hodges class, during the sixties.

Edmund asks "Does anyone know if this still goes on today? Only it seems unlikely children would be allowed to carry empty glass bottles to school in today's 'Health and Safety' world."

Teacher Ray Foulds supervising the hanging of Christmas Angels in the school hall (what Health and Safety?)
Picture via Edmund Hodges.

A lino-cut from 1941 'In the Shelter. School Warden'. Showing boys working on their exam in an air raid shelter (probably in Woking)

It's from a wartime copy of The Elliottonian (school magazine). There is a enlarged copy below.

Amongst the text is the scary (because it is a so 'matter of fact' line) The present system of roof-spotting has enabled us to carry on in the comfort of the classrooms, but when things were not so favourable, we may feel at least we did not allow ourselves to be defeated.