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The cover of the Elliottonian from 1949 from Lazarus Sheridan. (note the down turned trunk). Please note that long after this page was created, we opened a section dedicated to all the Elliott Publications (or at least all the ones we have been given so far). You can find this section on the main menu under Publications

'Extracts from the ELLIOTTONIAN school magazine for 1949,

'Extracts from the ELLIOTTONIAN school magazine for 1949,

Above two panels from the School Frieze, created between 1927 and 1939 and below is a school Magazine article about it.

Les Cooper a pupil from 1947-52 recalls: "Mr Mitchell was the inspiration behind a wonderful frieze that was displayed around the main hall of the boys building. It ran all the way around the hall and depicted the History of Wandsworth from the Reed Dwellers of the Wandle, to the building of The Surrey Iron Railway".

He adds "I recall the first being a scene of an Ancient Brit. 'Reed dweller' . A House of Lords court scene of the Dyers vs. Weavers. A scene depicting the Huguenots. A scene of a horse drawn railway wagon of the Surrey Iron Railway - Wandsworth to Dover - to relieve the Napoleonic Channel blockade. There were more but time has dimmed the old brain-box."

More on the School Frieze taken from four of the school magazine - Easter, Midsummer in both 1938 and 1939

Two pages from the 1949 School Magazine giving rare insight into the old school's workshops and PE facility. Also shown is the School's Athletics Team from 1948.

An incredibly interesting item from 1938 the writing is fading but what wonderful information is still contained in it.
It continues on for the next three frames

Above is a School Blazer Badge and Hat Band with Badge, dating from around 1937. The hat band was worn by the girls in summer on a straw hat and in winter on a velour one.
They were loaned by Daphne Watson (Elliott 1938) and Polished and Scanned by Edmund Hodges.

Patrick Williams, kindly sent us this picture from around 1943 showing the hat band. You can also see him in a school cap from that era.