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This Southfields Gallery concerns itself with Schools war time experience and starts with this thought provoking images of an Austin Truck with an ant-aircraft balloon attached on the Elliott Southfields' playing-field while life goes on as normal around it

A program for the additions added to the war memorial in 1949.
It was printed by Battley Brothers Printers of Clapham who were established in 1897 by John and George Battley and the family company traded until 2012


The School celebrated its 50 years as the Elliott School in 1954 the venue for the event was The Central Hall further down the Merton Road going towards Wimbledon

An address was given by  Claude Aurelius Elliott OBE MA (Later Sir Claude) son of the Sir Charles who gave his name to the school.

As part of the same celebration a service of thanks-given took place also at Central Hall


Above is the cover page of the first Old Elliottonians Association 'Wartime Newsletter' it is continued below.

Few of us today can have any understand what it must have been like for them in 1939


Above is the first page of the Old Elliottonians Association 'Wartime Newsletter' from 1941

Now the enormity of events is become clear with some deaths being reported