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Above is the master plan for the 'New Elliott' in Putney from around 1950. The next 12 wonderful mages were submitted by a relative of George Trevett, who led the team of LCC architects that were responsible for creating the building. We believe the majority of the photographs were commissioned by the London County Council Architect's Dept Photographic Unit.

The photos were probably taken between 1956 and 1958. George Trevett went on to become the Borough Architect of LB of Hounslow and retired in 1978. By then he was a Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects (FRIBA). There are several buildings in Hounslow (including the Civic Centre) that he designed.

Here you can see Pupils rehearsing a play in the Schools brand new Drama Hall. Edmund Hodges thinks they may be rehearsing "The Boy With A Cart", mentioned in the Opening Day Programme and that may be Miss R. Connelly standing up in the Audience.

An Actor / Performer's view of the brand new Drama Hall.

Three Gyms opened into one

No doubt a staged photo but would those climbing frames be allowed today?

Here you can see Pupils making of the Collage/ Appliqué that would be hanging in the Assembly Hall. Edmund Hodges thinks the classroom is 167 and the Teacher is probably Miss Bennett.

The next set of pictures were submitted by Edmund Hodges. The outline in yellow area, is where the School was eventually built.

View of the construction site from the common looking West .

View of the construction site from roughly above the Green Man pub.

The main block with its new inhabitants. Pictures from Edmund Hodges

Above is John Morris who taught Science at the Elliott from 1956 1959 He was also a keen and as can be seen here, a gifted photographer, who fortunately for us practised his hobby at school. Although sadly no longer with us, his work (kindly forward by his son Alun) lives on through this website.

It is also sad to observe that pictures like this, would just not be allowed in today's over protective PC world. If you recognise anyone please email us with their name.

Left to Right Charles Firth and John Morris, does anyone know the name of the gentelman on the end?

Top Christine Goodbourne, then left to right Wendy Curtis and Jill Bailey

Left to Right ??, Christine Goodboume, ??, Stephen Gilbey, ??, ??, Wendy Curtis, Jill Bailey

Left to Right ??, Kofi Odamtten, ??,

Left to right Jill Bailey, Wendy Curtis, Christine Goodbourne, ??, ??,

Left to Right Stephen Gilbey, ??, Michael Hill, ??, ??, David Spalding

The two girls at the top right whose faces can be seen, are Wendy Curtis and Jill Bailey.

Sports Day

Edmund has kindly added some names to the picture.

School Swimming Gala thought to be at Roehampton open air swimming pool (was on the corner of Upper Richmond Road and Priory Lane)

To end an aerial view of the 'New Elliott' site around 2005