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In 1959 this was the program for 3rd Annual Prizes and Certificates presentation

This was typical of the sort of publication the school could produce for its own events, something that today we take for granted with Desktop Publishing, PC's and Printers in every home. Unfortunately the years have not been kind to some of these publications and they are a little hard to read now.

A very faded newsletter from may 1972

An attempt at House news for the different Elliott Houses.

A copy Comprehensive News (clever name) does anyone recognise the face? It is Stephen (Sooty) Alambritis the Politician

Big Brother watching you (no year given but it must have been 1984)

If any one has better copies of these items please get in touch.

Fashion Tips

School Humour

A review of the CSE Art Exhibition

Deep Stuff

A TV Guide

Club News

Sports Analyses

Pop Music

This next section shows a printed Prospectus for the new Putney Elliott

Something for the Mathematicians amongst you.