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The Right Honourable Hugh Gaitskell CBE leader of the opposition arriving to officially open the School in 1957

He is followed by other dignitaries including the Mayor, while R G Jones (still going strong today) get a bit of free publicity

They visited the Motor Vehicle Workshop and these images were taken .

Again the Motor Vehicle Workshop is in full swing.

Above and below we have items being worked on in the Woodwork Workshops you can see Teacher Alan Ibbotson.

Mr Drew in the Woodwork Workshops

Activity in Metalwork Workshops

Can you imagine being allowed to use this equipment without safety glasses today

A display put on in the Gym

Again rudimentary Gymnastics being demonstrated in the Gym

Some young ladies performing on the adjustable bars that could be adjusted for height

Those wonderful climbing frames in the Gym with beams across

The climbing frames being used by boys in the Gym. Would not be allowed today, but we all somehow survived it!

Victor Fox conducts in the hall, while Jack Keyte helps out on the Cello (lower picture).

All Stand for the Queen

The Right Honourable Hugh Gaitskell CBE speaks to the School

Other scenes from inside the Assembly Hall during the opening

Mr Gaitskell is shown around the modern kitchen classroom

Now follows an interesting set of photos no doubt staged for the guests, but note the presence of girls in the biology class and more significantly for the time, also in the woodwork class

Of course if you can add any names we would love to hear from you.

The first image is clearly taken in a 'South Wing' Classroom. However the three below were taken in the 'Elliott Flat', with its Juliet Balcony.

Leaving the little home makers doing the housework we now move to the Kitchen

Of course no ‘perfect wife’ can be complete if she cannot make her own dresses!

Some of the girls sport activities, this outdoor one is a somewhat one sided game of Tennis.

Here the girl are back in the Gym

And perhaps choosing sides

Some guests look down on a boxing match from the viewing area above the gym

Volley Ball being played

More Volley Ball

Now follows a number of photos taken around the Art Classrooms

Typesetting and formatting ready to print something

Young artists at work

The Art Department's Treadle and Electric Pottery Wheels being used

Some pupils making a Puppet