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This is what sometimes goes on at reunions! Top left image show team ELF (Eyre Lambert Freeman) around 1960. Top right shows two of them at the 2004 Reunion but Eyre is missing. Finally at the 2008 reunion, all three got together to recreate a scene from nearly 50 years ago Note how that tree has grown as well as ELF's waistline

The following group of images are from the Thirty Years of the Elliott School in Putney Reunion, in 1986

This was the idea of Marjorie Dean, her sister, 'Chalky' White and Garth Gibson, aided from within the School by Barbara Scarrott, Freda Mizen and Dorothy Reace. Regrettably it was not well supported by many of the Teachers who were teaching there at the time. Mr Bastin brought along a film of the Opening in 1957 and Miss Scarrott mounted a collection of photos on large sheets together with Blazer Badges and Ties and various Memorabilia. It is to be regretted that what happened to these items is unclear today.

The Organisers - Mr White, Miss M Dean, Miss Scarrott, Mrs Reace, Miss D Dean, Miss Mizen and kneeling Mr Gibson

Pupils who volunteered to help at 1986 Reunion

L-R Zelda Stewart, Errol Thorpe, Buckley Ryan, Heather Webb and Gino Tulipano

Henry Jackson and Miss Blackwell with others looking at some of the displays.

A list of those who attended, supplied by Barbara Scarrott

John Baker with Dorothy Reace.

Mr Johnson and Mr Todd

Some of the group are Mr. Taverner, Mr. Ajegbo, Mrs. Whatford, Ms. Farrow, Mr. Gibson.

Three Headmasters Victor Burgess, Maurice Holmes, Guardino Rospigliosi.

Teachers applauding

Audrey Blackwell with Mr and Mrs Tom Bell

Mr and Mrs Tom Bell with Sr. Barker SRN

We are now looking at image from the 2004 when an event was organised for the Pupils as well as the teachers

Looking around the class rooms

A gathering in the Assembly Hall




Geoff Lambert who was at both Southfields and Putney Elliotts

Booking in

The event was very well attended

More Classrooms

Pamela Bonner, Josie Stockford & Barbara Barwis.

We are now looking at images from the 2006 Reunion to celebrate the Putney Elliott reaching Fifty

The newspaper clipping refers to the fact that while organising the event, the Webmaster was using the Friends Reunited Website to pass messages and the net result was that the Elliott became the most active School on Friends Reunited.

Top Left: Jan Bastin (Daughter of Teacher Brian Bastin) with Gerry Clipp and Jackie Hall
Top Right: Jackie Hall, Tom O'Neill, Anne Bulmer, Debbie Shrimplin, Tony Peterkin, Kay Haley, and Gerry Clipp.
Bottom Left: Katherine Garrett, Tom O'Neill, Jackie Hall, Keith Saunders, Debbie Shrimplin, Anne Bulmer, Kay Haley (part) Gerry Clipp and, peeking over the top, Tony Peterkin.
Bottom Right: Terry and Debbie Eaton who met at school and have been married for over 30 years.
Pictures from Keith Saunders Pupil 1961 - 1965

Top Left: Sally Pethybridge (left) and Pat Elmes, are reunited with class mate Andy Lambert (the Webmaster)
Top Right: People gathering in the Assembly Hall, ready for the opening ceremony .
Bottom: Michael Tucker Assistant Head Teacher, opens the event.

The School's African Drumming Group plays for the visitors. This was one of the highlights of the day.

Along with The School's African Drumming Group, The Schools Choir also performed during the day.

Picture from Rex Motley

Picture from Rex Motley

How many times did you run up them? - Picture from Geoff Lambert Pupil 1952 - 1957

James Roots, Joseph Caliendo and George Theophanous. Picture from Joseph Caliendo

A evocative pictures from Hilary Cox (Lee) '62 -68

Another evocative pictures from Hilary Cox (Lee) '62 -68

More pictures from Hilary Cox (Lee) '62 -68

A beautifully light picture, again from Hilary Cox

Hilary Cox (Lee) 1962 -68 out side the school during the reunion.

Janet Bastin, Ronnie Archer-Morgan, Judith Bastin and John Halsey.

L to R: Alan English, Richard Ellisdon, Laurie Shaw, Terry Partleton, Rex Stanley, Charlie Firth Pictures from Richard Ellisdon

Laurie Shaw and Terry Partleton
Pictures from Richard Ellisdon

The webmaster organised a smaller group reunion in 2008 mainly for the year that started with him in 1958 fifty years earlier. This are some images from the day.


The Mural above the Stairs to the Workshops and Gyms looking in very poor condition, but still surviving at that time.

The Webmaster Andy Lambert with his best mate Don Freeman on the Teachers Balcony they were not allowed on in the Sixties

Ron O'Neill 1960-64 presenting the fruit bowl he made at the school 43 years before, to the School.

I wonder what happened to it now the Elliott is no more?