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The first group of images in the gallery were sent in by Jacky Loftus taken during an Elliott School trip to Belgium from the 25th of August to the 3rd of September 1959.and to Grindelwald, Switzerland 1958 Here you can see some of the group enjoying an Ice Cream in Bruges they are Joan Woodhouse, Barbara Jones, Janice Skye and Peggy Henham. Then in front of them are Yvonne Quinsey and Grace Woodhouse

Sitting in the Sun outside their Hotel Lauchbuhl in Grindelward in 1958
John Goodey, Unknown, Ron Lock, Adrienne Kaye, Janet Ring, Janice Reynolds and June Chitty. On the stairs can just be made out Janet Burling.

Sharing a drink at Grindelwald in 1958 are Valerie Crawford, Marion Thompson and Janet Burling

Some of the group on 2nd September 1959 outside a cafe in Bruges.
The waiter Rigo was leaving that day and these Elliottonians treated him to a goodbye drink. Colin 'Humbug' Humberstone, David 'Doughnut' Jones and Jacqueline March.

In the Belfry at Bruges is Peggy Henham, Joan Woodhouse, Barbara Jones, Jacky Loftus, Grace Woodhouse and Janice Skye

A picture of Jacky Loftus hiding behind Janice Skye, taken August 30th 1959 in Blankenberge

Janet Burling and Valerie Crawford leaving Folkstone on route to Belgium August 1959

The next set of pictures were taken by myself (Andy Lambert webmaster)

It shows the school trip to Italy in 1962 School Trip to Italy around 1962 The  two Guys L-R are Don Freeman and Alf ?

I think her name was Leslie Simmonds

This I think was Shelia but I cannot recall her surname?

The very sexy Wendy Stringer, teasing some Italian onlookers in Florence

Don Freeman, ?, Me, Pauline Masters, Valerie ?, Ron, ?,

L-R Duffy (Michael Duff) then I think Mavis?, next to her Sylvia Bouquet and  Tony Irving
Taken around 1961- In front of the old tuck shop beneath Mr Holmes office

Sylvia and Tony return to the same spot 50 years later (31/08/2011) but looking like they had only been gone for 25 years.

Tony Irving, Graham Eyre, Don Freeman and Chris Priest. Taken around 1962/3 sadly Chris passed away in 2016 but the rest of us keep in touch

Wendy Stringer and Janet Ralph (now Jan Newman) making Duffy's (Michael Duff) day

School trip to Hindhead Devils Punch Bowl - That's me showing my nipples on the left.

L-R Back row ?, Roy  Hemens, Andy Lambert, ?, ?, Sylvia Bouquet, Jacky Hayes, John Meredith, Ivor Richards, Sally Pethybridge, Pat Elmes, ?  
Front row ?, ?, Paul Butler, ?, ?, ?, 'Mel' Meredith.  

Cycling to Southfields after school one bright day in 1961 or 2, Don Freeman photographed me at the Green Man 

Myself, Tony Irving Sylvia Bouquet, Chas Otway, Carole Symonds and David Buse meet up in 2013 at Esher

and then the year before at Esher
Myself, Don Freeman Chas Otway, Sylvia Bouquet, Pat Elems, Graham Eyre, Jean Woollett and Tony Irving.

Graham Eyre - Andy Lambert - Don Freeman around 1960 and again September 2008 in the same spot by the Assembly Hall stairs

Here are a two pictures from Stephen ( Soterios / Sooty ) Alambritis 1968-1975

Here are two former pupils at Cannizaro House Hotel in Wimbledon. Sooty says "I was there with my wife as a Councillor attending the Mayor of Merton's Charity Ball on Saturday 10 Feb 2007 Pierce was staying at the Hotel. We spoke at length and he recalled his time at Elliott. He remembered one teacher especially Mrs Rogers, his French teacher. He remembered he was in Norman House and recalled the names we gave ourselves i.e. Nutty Normans, Sexy Saxons, Dunce Danes and clever Celts. He now lives in Hawaii"

Stephen says "A grand picture of Elliottonians from 1982 showing a long haired tireless rebel can end up as council leader in neighbouring council!"
Left to Right  - Keith Cheriton, David Gardner*, Paul Connelly*, David Cheriton*, ??, Stephen Cheriton ??, ??, Paul Riordan* Soterios (Stephen) Alambritis*
(* Class of 1968) 

Here is a collection of Pictures from Bernard Tinker, showing from the 1960 School Trip to Italy

L-R  Unknown, Janie Reynolds, Alan Greengrass, Doris King

Mr Carey, Physics, one of the Teachers accompanying the trip.

Performing Merchant of Venice Bassanio, played by Anthony Clapp; Launcelot Gobbo, played by Malcolm Keats; Old Gobbo, played by Tristram Hill

Julia Hadingham as Portia takes a rest from rehearsals.

Bassanio played by Anthony Clapp and Portia, (Julia Hadingham), in the Casket Scene "All that glisters is not gold" Valerie Boxall as Nerissa is partly visible on right.

L-R Nerissa, (Valerie Boxall); Portia, (Julia Hadingham); Gratiano, (Stuart Goode); Bassanio, (Anthony Clapp); Antonio, (Stuart Brown)

The Trial Scene: Shylock, (Bernard Tinker); Portia disguised as a lawyer, (Julia Hadingham) The Duke of Venice (seated) played by David Spalding

Photoshoot in progress, the head of the Director, Mr Addison, can be seen bottom right. LR Portia, Julia Hadingham; Prince of Marocco, Norman Foskett; Nerissa, Valerie Boxall;
The three Attendants, in uncertain order are, John England, Keith Belson, Geoffrey Read

Merchant of Venice (LR) Antonio, (Stuart Brown); Portia, (Julia Hadingham); Bassanio, (Anthony Clapp); Shylock, (Bernard Tinker)

The program

Here are some small pictures from David Willis taken between 1960 and 1961

Left top - L to R: Ray Codd, Brenda Oliver, Tony Vernon

Middle top L - to R: Sonia Story, Monica Kinsella, Yvonne Hatt, Not known, Marion Diamond, Brenda Oliver

Right top - L to R: Brian Harris, Jerry Pexton, Bill Marshall

Middle left - Back Row L To R: David Willis, Tony Vernon, Neil Wyckman Middle Row L to R: Peter Parfit, Tony Mayhew, Ray Codd, Jeff Arnold, Not known Front Row L to R: Sonia Story, Monica Kinsella, Yvonne Hatt, Not known, Marion Diamond, Not known

Middle right - Back Row L to R: Ray Codd, Imelda Ingrams, Peter Parfitt, David Wills, Tony Mayhew, Bob Blake, Brian Harris, Bill Marshall, Jerry Pexton, Neil Wyckman Front Row L to R: Sonia Story, Monica Kinsella, Marion Diamond, Yvonne Hatt, Not known, Brenda Oliver

Lower left - L to R: Ray Codd, David Willis, Peter Parfit

Lower right - L to R: Marion Diamond, Monica Kinsella, Brenda Oliver

The next set is from Harry Papadopoulos 1964-71 Harry writes The school organised a one month trip to the West Indies during the Christmas break 1969 I think only a dozen students from Elliott were offered places on the SS Nevassa, a converted troop carrier, sister ship to the Uganda that went to the Falklands. It was 11000 tons. The trip cost £53 all in and my dad gave me £7 pocket money. I brought back £5, there was nothing much to buy, except In Trinidad. As we came into port the locals rowed out with small canoes loaded with Bananas. I did not have any local currency and offered him my shirt, which he accepted in exchange for a whole branch of bananas.  We tried to get them through the porthole and most of the fruit fell into the water. Unfortunately the Master at Arms caught us and confiscated the contraband. The teacher was a Geography teacher Can't remember her name. Our first stop was Portugal, then across to Trinidad, Barbados, St Lucia, Martinique returning via Madeira. Names I remember, Elaine Hinkson, Lorraine Greeley, Valerie Rogers.

Above is a stock picture of SS Nevassa in front of the Piazza San Marco in Venice

Portugal. Memorial to the Discoverers in Lisbon

Harry himself standing by it.

On board SS Nevassa

Lorraine Greeley on board SS Nevassa

Now joined by other pupils

Another group (are you there?)

Harry sitting on a Capstan in Trinidad

Harry sitting on a Winch back on the boat.

What Bus transport looked like in Trinidad around 1969

L-R ? ?, Lorraine Greeley, Elaine Hickson

Harry relaxing on the Deck of  the SS Nevassa

Valerie Rogers

Harry Papadopoulos on deck

Here are a nice collection of Pictures from Bruce Gadsby Elliott 1956-61 taken during the sixties and giving an interesting insight in to School life back then.
This picture shows the sixth form bicycle club in action,

The 6th Form Jazz band which often played on Putney Heath during lunch breaks around 1960
L-R Sheila Lovett, Roger Chessman, Paul Pollack, David Jones (known as Doughnut) and June Chitty (Bruce recalls that Sheila and Roger later married).

L-R David Jones, Paul Pollack, Roger Chessman, Sheila Lovett, Arthur Foskett.

Tennis Tournament at Elliott in 1961
Back Row, L- R David Gallier, Kofi Odamtten, Alan Clifford.
Front Row, L - R Ann Randall, Marion Valance, Ivy Ovenden, Norman Foskett, Alan Scott, ? , a German visitor, ?, ?.

L-R Robin Hewett, Jean Browning, John Roffey, Kofi Odamtten, Ann Randall, David Gallier,Marian Vallance, ?, ?, ?, Arthur Foskett, ? .

L - R John Roffey, David Gallier, Arthur Foskett, ? .

6th Form Transport, 1959 L- R Paul Carter, Richard Browning, Fred Simmons, David Gallier in a Austin Gypsy Pickup driving through Richmond.

6th Formers outside the Elliott Library, 1960
Back row, L - R Geoff Woodman, Alan Scott.
Front row, L - R Pat Wheeler, Ann Randall, Marion Valance, Sheila Lovett, Roger Chessman  

A 6th Form Celebration at the Green Man 1960
Back row, L-R Arthur Foskett, Chris Williams, Doris King, Alan Scott. 2nd row, L - R David Gallier, ? , Pat Wheeler, Perry Nove.
3rd row, L - R Stephen Allender, Christine Robinson Front L- R Bruce Gadsby, Mary Fallon, Janice Reynolds, Anne Carden, Grace Woodhouse.  

A Sixth Form group on a school trip around 1960

Kofi Odamtten dissecting a freshly killed rabbit in Miss Beacon's Biology lesson,1960. (Bruce Gadsby adds - "We all had our own rabbit and had to do the killing")

On a school trip to Austria In side the Austrian Youth Hostel Dormitory
Top L-R Geoff Woodman, David Gallier, Mr George Brown, Mr Hugh Walters Bottom
L-R John Gore, ? , David Nove, Bruce Gadsby

Again in Austria the photo shows Bruce (in the front) at Munich Station.
Also can be see standing L-R John Gore, ?, Stuart Goode, ?, Kenneth Gibby .

L-R: John Gore, Peter Howard, David Gallier, John Roffey

Names Needed please. At the moment we have -1st Left Peter Howard. In middle with hat, Stuart Goode

L-R Unknown girl, David Gallier, ? , John Gore

Again in Austria some Elliott boys try out Naturalism
Unknown Backside, Kenneth Gibby, John Gore, Stuart Goode.

To end Bruce Gadsby pictures here is in Austria smoking a pipe