Some Elliott Pupils who became 'Notable' Musicians

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 This list is by no means definitive, as we can only add what people submit. Please email us with new names, any details and of course any corrections to the above. If you have a picture of any of these (or others) as they were then, or are today please also send them to us. The ownership of some of these pictures cannot always be confirmed, if anyone feels their use infringes a copyright, we will of course remove them.

Be Warned:- Some of the information is hearsay and a large amount has not been confirmed by the celebrities themselves. It is sad that myself and others have tried to get confirmation, but the response has been (shall we say) 'disappointing'. Thanks however to all those that have contributed, and I apologise now if I have not thanked everybody at the time of them submitting the info.

Name Info Image (if available)
Michael Bentley
After leaving the Elliott Michael first worked for the Performing Rights Society (Music Copyright) He became a professional musician playing Bass and worked for several bands including Ken Barton's Oriole Jazz Band. In May 1963 we went to Holland so the Dutch Swing College could come to the UK.

Sadly he became disillusioned with the music industry and moved into vehicle maintenance, but remained a semi-pro musician. By 1973 he was working for the Ministry of Defence teaching all arms vehicle servicing and driving, and completed 21 years with them, finishing up as a Higher Instructional Officer. In 2006 he moved to Australia having survived a heart attack the year before.
Re Bethe
1963-1967 Guitarist
Vocalist and Composer
"Gypsy" Re Bethe formerly known as "Barry Collier" at Elliott school, was already a rising gypsy flamenco player before arriving there. performing flamenco pieces in provincial UK theatres during intervals, from the age of nine. Finding success during the [New Wave Of British Heavy Metal] with his band Ritual. penning seminal Rock classics such as "Widow" and "Valley Of The Kings".

In 1994 he resumed his solo career as a flamenco player, and rapidly gained worldwide acclaim. Gypsy Re Bethe is now regarded by many as one of the finest exponents of gypsy flamenco guitar in the world today He continues to wow audiences all over the globe with his unique and powerful style of flamenco rock.
Wendy Billingsley
Musician and Radio DJ
Wendy May became a singer for "The Boothill Footappers" in the mid 80's. She was the only female DJ on London's Capital Radio in 86-88, and was a presenter on Channel 4's live music show "The Tube" with Paula Yates and Jools Holland.

She went on to DJ for many bands in the 80's, as well as CND and Labour Party events, plus at Glastonbury Festival.

She now runs a hugely successful club called "The Locomotion" in Kentish Town. She is proud of the fact she was asked to be the DJ at the wake of the late Ian Dury.

Naomi Bedford
1982- ?
Singer & Songwriter

Naomi Bedford provided the vocal for the Orbital hit Funny Break (One is Enough) in 2001. As a solo artist Naomi has collaborated with Justin Curry, Paul Heaton, Alisdair Roberts and many others.

Her most recent album. ‘A History of Insolence’ was released in 2014 and featured in many end of year Best Of lists including Mojo, The Guardian and Froots Magazine, culminating in a Radio 2 Folk Award nomination in the Best Original Song category, alongside her musical partner Paul Simmonds, for ‘The Spider and the Wolf

Naomi has performed regularly around the UK, most notably at Cambridge Folk Festival, Sidmouth Folk Festival and Celtic Connections where she was honoured to appear at the Alistair Hulett memorial concert. Naomi also appeared at Cecil Sharp House as part of the English Folk and Dance Song Society winter programme on the theme of Border Ballads.

Will Bevan
William Bevan is a well respected dubstep producer who works under the name Burial. His debut album Burial, was released in 2006 to critical acclaim, with Wire magazine naming it, their album of the year. A second album Untrue was released in November 2007 and has been nominated for the prestigious Mercury Prize.

Will preferred to be anonymous and "let the Music do the talking", but much press speculation forced him to reveal his identity in August 2008
Owen Clarke
Member of the Pop Band Hot Chip The group was actually formed while the members were still at the school and early performances were given there.

Owen is also an artist responsible for many cover designs for the records (Though he has given this over to his friend Darren of late as the chip have got busier) and studied at Chelsea and Bath Schools of Art.

The group were nominated for the Mercury Music Prize in 2006 One critic has described the London-based 5-piece band as "super cool computer nerds".
Crispin (Cris) Cole
Musician and Screen Writer
While at the Elliott Crispin was the 'Narrator' in Bob Sabine's 1978 production of Cabaret. On leaving He gravitated towards the world of entertainment, playing guitar in a number of different bands including one hit wonders Jimmy the Hoover.
Using the name Cris Cole, he later embarked on a career as a writer and soon found success with Embassy, a comedy movie, made for television. Other writing projects included Episodes for The Bill and Twisted Tales. He has written two movies in the UK, Pelican Blood and Lovebite, and one in Canada the Good Times are Killing Me. Currently he has a number of TV projects in development in Hollywood and his latest and most successful venture, is as creator, writer and producer of the Sky Series Mad Dogs. Crispin says he was influenced by the works of David Lynch and the Coen brothers and likes to produce a storyline that is "never quite what you think it is going to be".
Neil Cole (Djum Djum)
Writer Musician
On leaving school Neil attended The London College of Furniture to study piano tuning and musical instrument technology. Later he started writing and working with various bands and artist including The Beatmasters. Allison Clarkson and the Cookie Crew.

Since releasing a couple of singles in the 9O's, to date Djum Djum has co-written and collaborated with the highly influential electronica band Leftfield.
Vic Cooper
Musician and Actor

Vic is an accomplished Musician. His first success came playing with some school chums, in The Pirates (Johnny Kidd's top sixties band) from 1964-66.

In 1970 he became a member of the group Toomorrow (meant to be English Monkeys) with an unknown Olivia Newton-John and starred in the film of the same name. The Picture shows Vic (left) with Olivia and Ben Thomas (the group's guitarist). Vic has also been a Pianist with Tom Jones.
Tommy Danvers
Musician, Producer Songwriter
Know professional as Tommy D his career in Music started while still at school and on leaving he performed in a number of local bands. Soon after he also started DeeJaying, playing at venues such as Ministry of Sound, Cream & Back To Basics. In 1988 he set up his own Music Label and had a number successful releases.

By the early nineties he was producing a number of bands including Right Said Fred whose first single ‘I’m Too Sexy’ went on to be a top 10 hit in 9 countries. Today he continued to work with a number of different artists as a producer and songwriter. They include Kylie Minogue, Janet Jackson, Barry White, Tom Jones, Geri Halliwell, to name just a few.
Frankie Farley
Drummer with John Kidd and The Pirates along with fellow Elliottonian John Spence. Before that, he was (along with Spence) part of Wayfaring Strangers, The Ramrods and then The Redcaps. It was the core of the Redcaps that would replace John Kidd's existing Pirates, as he moved into the big time.

In later life Frankie would play with the Dakotas and the Cliff Bennett Band, before reforming with his old mate Spence and Mike Green as The Pirates (a name they had been allowed to keep). They are still (2007) performing live gigs!
Peter Green
1958 -1962
Musician and Composer
Peter left to become a trainee butcher, but soon found himself playing the guitar professionally. Firstly with John Mayalls Bluesbreakers where he replaced Eric Clapton and then with Mick Fleetwood and John McVie he formed Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac. They performed together until the seventies, when Peter 'retired from the scene', due in part to the effects of drugs.

He reunited with the group on odd occasions and was with them when the were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He composed many great numbers including Fleetwood's first number one hit Albatross in ‎October 1968.

Between 1997 and 2004 he performed as Peter Green and the Splinter Group, and has recorded several new albums as well as performing live again. More recently (2009) he performed as Peter Green and Friends.

The webmaster (Andy Lambert) was in the same class and remembers him as decent down to earth bloke
Joe Goddard

Member of the Pop Band Hot Chip which was formed while the members were still at the school and early performances were given there.

The group were nominated for the Mercury Music Prize in 2006. One critic has apparently described the London-based 5-piece band as "super cool computer nerds". Joe is also responsible for much of Hot Chip's home studio production.


Kieran Hebden
Kieran Hebden began playing guitar in Fridge in his mid-teens, a trio formed with bassist Adem Ilhan and drummer Sam Jeffers. Fridge quickly became a spearhead of instrumental post-rock outfits, releasing three albums, Ceefax, Semaphore and Eph, between 1997 and 2000.

By 2001, Kieran had started his own label, Text Records, to release the fourth Fridge album, Happiness. Their music has been used for various TV and film pieces, including the acclaimed Channel 4 documentary series This Is Modern Art. Kieran has now became a solo producer, releasing work under the name Four Tet
Adem Ilhan
While still at school Adem ran a series of events in the School's Drama Theatre, every Friday lunchtime called The Performance Sessions. He then formed Fridge along with school mates Sam Jeffers and Kieran Hebden (See Kieran's entry for more details of Fridge). This was followed by a solo album Homesongs in 2004. Adem currently is also the curator of the Homefires Music Festival in London and has his own web site at
Sam Jeffers.
While still at school Sam formed Fridge along with school mates Adem Ilhan and Kieran Hebden

(See Kieran's entry for more details of Fridge).
Herman Li
Musician and Songwriter
Herman was born in Hong Kong and moved to England attending the Elliott in the late eighties. Today he is recognised as one of the most influential guitarists of the new generation.

Since the turn of the century Herman has become the driving force behind the Grammy nominated, multi-national, 'metal' band DragonForce In the group he performs both as the lead and rhythm guitar, as well as being backing on vocals.
Colin Mansfield
1960 - 1967
Musician, Composer and Producer
Played, composed and produced the bands Fine Art (1978-84) and Grey Area (1988-91). Produced Husker Du's first single Statues / Amusement.

Colin also produced many recordings in the 'Minneapolis Scene' during the 80s. Composed all the music for the Gizmode radio show, broadcast world-wide during the '80s plus the incidental music for the play Crusoe, performed by Theatre de la Juene Lune. Released solo electronic albums Colinizations II, Black Box, White Table and Millions.

Luke & Liam May
1984 - 1991
Singer, Musician & DJ
Luke & Liam, together make up DJ outfit Medicine 8

Liam (pictured right) is also a member of Popular Tyre & Black Daniel (along with Patrick McCourt also an Elliottonian) see
Patrick McCourt
1984 - 1991
Singer, Musician & DJ

Patrick McCourt is frontman to Popular Tyre & Black Daniel (with Liam May also an Elliottonian) see Patrick currently has a record out with Heart Kill Giant.

Max Middleton
Musician and Composer
Max Middleton is a very accomplished musician, specialising in the keyboard. Over the years he has been associated with many legendary groups and artists. Including Cat Stevens, The Bee Gees, Peter Frampton, Kate Bush and Chris Rea

He joined Jeff Beck's Group in 1971 and their album "Rough and Ready" includes a track called Raynes Park Blues, or Max's Tune, composed by Max while he was living there. The legendary George Martin, having been familiar with Max hired him, Bernard Purdie and Wilbur Bascomb) to do the lion's share of the 'Sgt. Pepper's' movie soundtrack.

More recently released his first solo jazz album called Land of Secrets. Later image Courtesy Carol A. Rock

Chris Miller
1966 - 1972
Musician and Author

Became drummer for the iconic punk band "The Damned" Adopting the name Rat Scabies, the group became famous during the seventies 'punk' era.

Still around the 'Music Scene' and recently co wrote with friend Christopher Dawes Rat Scabies and the Holy Grail.

Matt Monro
Musician and Singer

Matt Monro was known by his real name at School - Terry Parsons. We believe that during some of the war years, he attended an Emergency School in Southfields, which was vacant because the Elliott Boys' School itself was evacuated to Woking.

His stage name was invented by Winifred Atwell and (like many other UK Stars) he owes much of his early success to George Martin.

Editors note: This entry has recently been suggested may be incorrect - can you help do you remember him

Martin Newell
1967 - 1968
Musician, Poet, Writer, Broadcaster

Martin is both a rock singer and a songwriter. In the eighties he joined 'Cleaners From Venus', who were the subjects of a best-selling book 'Lost In Music'. He was also co-writer for the punk-rocker Captain Sensible. By 1993 he had gone solo and released the 'The Greatest Living Englishman' album.

He is a regular guest on BBC radio as well as a columnist for several national papers and is said to be country's most-published living poet.

Colin Petersen
1957 - 58
Actor and Musician

Star of a film called Smiley, plus Cry from the Street and The Scamp.

In 1967 he become the drummer with the Brothers Gibb who were then renamed the Bee Gee's hits included New York Mining Disaster and Massachusetts. 'Left' the group around 1969.

If you want to see a picture of Colin in the Bee Gees click here

Vincent Sipprell
Vincent Sipprell began his musical education at the Centre for Young Musicians and is a member of the innovative Elysian Quartet. While at College he led the viola sections of all the College orchestras and was awarded the Band-Kurtz viola prize.

When Vincent isn't playing his viola he is usually recording and performing across the UK with his band Screamer on the Hill, in which he sings and plays a vast array of instruments (but not the viola) and sometimes wears a cowboy hat.

Emma Smith

Emma Smith is a member of the innovative Elysian Quartet, who make their living performing crazy contemporary string quartet music across the world.

She started playing the violin at the age of three. As well as performing extensively with the Elysian Quartet, she is also fortunate enough to currently play with Adem (Ilhan), Screamer On the Hill (also all ex-Elliott pupils) and a whole bunch of other wonderful musicians.

John Spence

Turned professional musician in l960 with Frank Farley playing for Cuddly Dudley and the Redcaps. Joined Johnny Kidd and the Pirates in l961 - top 10 hits with 'I'll Never Get Over You' and 'Hungry for Love'. Johnny Kidd died in l966.

Reformed The Pirates in l976. Had great success with a number of albums. Now in his sixties he is still touring worldwide and has just finished recording a new album
Ed Spevock
1958 - 1963
Musician Drummer

Ed was at school at the same time as Peter Green (and the webmaster) and has had an incredible career in the world of pop music playing with various groups in the sixties as a drummer, including the Amboy Dukes and Salt and Pepper, until making it into Babe Ruth around 1973.

Then in 1977, Stan Webb resurrects mythical band Chicken Shack, and Ed was recruited as the drummer. He then played in a variety of groups including Enigma and the Black Angels. Ed currently plays with a Steely Dan tribute band named Stealing Dan and Don

Ed is also a teacher and founder of Baroque to Rock, a music school for children

Alexis Taylor
Member of the Pop Band Hot Chip which was formed while the members were still at the school and early performances were given there. The group were nominated for the Mercury Music Prize in 2006 One critic has apparently described the London-based 5-piece band as "super cool computer nerds". Alexis studied English at Jesus College, Cambridge from 1999-2002, during which time Hot Chip played a variety of gigs (with various line-ups) around Cambridge's
Xan Tyler
Singer & Songwriter
Xan Tyler was signed to Creation Records as one half of electro pop due Technique.

She also recorded an album with reggae legends Mad Professor and Lee Scratch Perry under the name Mission Control. Xan Tyler has also appeared on numerous dance records with various labels. She has a website here
Jake Venables
Singer & Songwriter

Jake Venables is a multi instrumentalist singer songwriter and is currently signed to Echosongs.

Awaiting more information

Robert Watson
1963 - 1970
Musician, Songwriter and Producer.
Formed 1st band in 1964 with fellow Elliottonian Roger Hall. First record deal with New Wave band the Speedometers in 1978.(Picture right) Wrote songs with Chris Thompson of Manfred Mann's Earthband 1979-81 - The Stripper was featured in the Vincent Price film Monster Club (filmed at an old theatre in Putney). "Love on the Airwaves" recorded by Chris Thompson's own band Night was a billboard hit.

Toured the US 1981. with American version of the Speedometers. From 1982 on recording studio engineer/producer. Had international hit with dance song All and All by Joyce Sims. Presently (2005) living in Phoenix, running Indie record label.
2001 - 2005
The group called XX are Mercury Award for the year 2010 The group all met at the Elliott School. Oliver Sim, Romy Madley Croft, Jamie Smith and Baria Qureshi who Left the original quartet recently.

We await more information and pictures from their agent before making individual entries.