Staff and Other Notable Characters

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Name Info Image (if available)
Carola Asif During the eighties. Art Technician, specialising in Pottery glazing etc.  
Sister Barker SRN Was School Nurse for many years Photo taken in 1986 at a reunion
Ewen Bayley School Secretary for many years
Tom Bell Workshop technician (said to have lost many fingers over the years)

Photo taken at the 30 Year Reunion in 1986
Audrey Blackwell Librarian Photo taken at the 30 Year Reunion in 1986
Pat Brett Staff Typist (long before the school had computers)  
Mr Brown School Playing Field Groundsman Pre 1936 to post war respected by all the boys, who knew him as "Brownie"
Trevor Chamberlain Trevor "Tosh" Chamberlain coached football at the Elliott in the evenings. He was left-wing for Fulham Football Club between 1954-1965 and scored some 187 goals. John Gregg (Pupil 1964-69) recalls "He was a great friend of Johnny Haynes and the reason Haynes joined Fulham".
Pauline Fulker Worked in General Office, below the School secretaries’ office during the sixties. a good friend of “Dolly” Reese.  
Les Greenwood A/V Assistant up to 1970  
Mr Hall The first School Secretary at the Putney Elliott. Stayed till 1958  
Tony Himson Media Resources Officer (MRO) From 1975 Provided expertise and facilitated the large increase in Tapes Videos Photocopies, Etc. into all school subjects  
Ann Holley Careers Advisor for about 20 years, working with Barbara Scarrott.

Photo about 1998
Mrs Kate Hollige School Nurse who followed on from Sister Barker. A great character, from Scotland.  
Colin Humphreys School Keeper / Site Manager from 1995 until the closure of Elliott He then joined Ark Putney in the same position.

He was also a Pupil at the school from 1970 to 1975.

He has also helped this website get access to parts of the school during the refurbishment and supplied some photos.
Jill King Attendance Officer at the then new Putney Elliott (ILEA Staff)"
Mr. Knapman School Caretaker. Pre 1936 to Nov 1946 'performed meritorious service before and during the war'.  
Lily Larkin General Office putney, for many years  
Mr and Mrs Lawrence Art Dept Technicians. Parents of Teacher Cathy Lawrence

Edmund Hodges says "Mary helped in filing, ordering and distributing stock etc. While Fred prepared clay and did all the odd jobs to support the teachers"
Pip' Melotte Mainstay of the General office for many years. 1980 - 2003

A great support to Teaching Staff and heavily involved with all aspects of the School Plays. Had a daughter and two sons at the Sch
Bernie Morgan Outstanding School Keeper  
Julia Nkosi 1992 - 2013 Worked in the Sixth Form.
Pam Pearce Ran the medical suite after Sister Barker and was at the school for some twenty years. (she passed away 2005)  
Miss Plumb Second School Librarian at Putney Elliott.

Started during 1958. Her predecessor was possible a Mrs Lynn.
Dorothy Reace

Dorothy ran the Staff Room, Staff Functions, Catered for School Play Refreshments and Parents Evenings. She was a prime mover in the Parent Teacher Association, having three daughters and a son attending the school.' Jacqui' Reace, coming back as a teacher.

Later picture taken in 1986

Edmund Hodges Says "Dorothy went shopping for us and spent most of the 24 hrs of the day on the premises. We joked that her husband saw less of her than we did. Long after I had left she died of Diabetes and the school was much the poorer without her"

Miss Taylor Took over as School Secretary from Mr Hall, 1958  
Mrs Eleanor Strott Accompanist. She was attached to the Dance section of the PE Department  
Frances Thomas Secretary

Alan Morrin recalls She took over from Ewen Bailey but her job changed with the times and she became responsible for all personnel matters. I guess that would be human resources now! She retired fairly recently.
Frank Tomes Art Department. Technician 1967 - 69, when he was offered a post at Wimbledon School of Art, where he stayed until 2001.

Installed the ceramic panels which are still over the staircase doors at Elliott. Played the Tuba in Bob Kerr's Whoopee Band for twenty years until they turned pro in the early nineties.

For the last 20 years has been making copies of Baroque Trumpets which are played all over the world. Collects and researches antique brass instruments in collaboration with Dr Arnold Myers of Edinburgh Universi
Andrew Ward Media Resources Officer 1971 - 1974.He was Elliott's first Media Resources Officer and replaced A/V Assistant Les Greenwood. He had a former classroom in the corner of Audrey Blackwell's Library and taught many teachers (and some pupils) to operate 16mm film projectors in the days before videocassette recorders. Tony Himson took over when Andrew left Elliott to head the A/V unit at the Met Police Training Establishment. Andrew went from there to The Services Sound and Vision Corporation and eventually retired in 2006 from Brunel University's Media Services department.

He attended the 2006 Reunion and was pleased to see - and be recognised by - so many former colleagues despite having been at Elliott for only three (very happy) years. He says he now lives on top of a mountain in Spain, overlooking orange groves, the silence disturbed only by the sound of sheep and goat bells.
Mr West First School Keeper at the Putney Elliott 1956 - Had the task of making a working school from a building site.  
Barbara Wicker Was a vital part-time worker in the General Office etc. Probably 80s - 2000. Had two sons at the school