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 '?' Indicates uncertain of subject(s) taught or years at the school. 
'c 19--' indicates that the person appear on the list of tutors, for that year,

Name Info Image (if available)
Miss Abbott French c.1949
Miss Adams ? c.1966
Bryan Addison  Followed H K Whiting and Mr Snape as Head of English, directed many school productions  Including  Romeo and Juliet 1959 Twelfth Night 1960 The Merchant of Venice 1961, Much Ado About Nothing 1962, King Lear 1963, The Winter's Tale 1964. He passed away in May 2017.
George Adie  Music 1975 - when he composed "Give a Penny" still at the Elliott in 2009.

Has done great service to the school over many years organising concerts etc.
Earnest Adjei  Science 2008
Mr Adler    Mathematics around 1967. Possibly married Vivienne Mowatt  
Tony Affleck Science c1970 Jjoined Elliot School in September 1969 as Head of Biology with a remit to introduce Nuffield Biology. Left Ellott in April 1972 going to Chelsea School as Head of Science. His thoughts are recorded in the Recollections section. Tony Affleck
Sir Keith Ajegbo OBE, MA      

English, Deputy Head at Elliott then became Head of Deptford Green School. Had been Chair of the SLN (Schools Linking Network) for seven years until mid 2013 when he became their Patron. 

Later picture taken at 30 year reunion in 1986
Munther Al-Adhami Mathematics from 1974
Miss D. Allen Head of Girls PE.  Around  1961, left to become organiser for West Sussex  
Miss R.Al-Saadi Miss R.Al-Saadi  
Miss Sally Andrews    English  c,1970  
Mr W.E. Andrew  Saxon Housemaster (came from old Elliott). Universally known as Archie. Left to become Head of St Julian's School, St Albans
Miss C. Angove English  c, 1964.  
Mrs Archer History c, 1960. Passed away while still at the School in 1973  
Dagmar Arlt  Head of English. Picture taken in 2005
Mr J Armitage Taught Physics and Biology from before 1936. Was called up for Military Research in WW2, returned to Elliott and then transferred to Emergency Training College.

Picture from 1946 (is it me (webmaster) or is he Lee Marvin's younger brother?)
Mrs  C. Asirwatham    Diagnostic and Guidance    c.1973  
Ivor D Astley History 1954-1961 He left to became Deputy Head of Herbert Shiner Secondary School at Petworth, Sussex. Next he became head of a new comprehensive school,
Heanor Gate, in Derbyshire (1964–69). He left the post to take up an appointment as Headmaster of Hardley Comprehensive School, where he remained until retiring in 1983 and sadly passing away in 2002.

Roy Hunt recalls " What is not known by everybody was the fact he was an accomplished Artist and some of his work was exhibited in the Heads Study-also the school coat of arms on the wall by main entrance was his work" You can see some of his work in the pictures section (1956 On - Gallery Two) 

Ivor had an eventful Second World War serving with the Royal Artillery. A moving account of his experiences, Tank Alert, was published in 1999.

Peter Athans Maths Current (2006)  Science teacher  
Penny' Austin Geography and House/Year Mistress c.1980-98 (has left and returned several times)
John Baker 

Geography. Saxon Housemaster and left to become a Head Teacher. First pictures taken in 2005, the far one at 30 year reunion in 1986. 

Sue Barber

Art c 1975

She took 4th yr and upwards for Horse Riding, which, back in the 70s was part of the Field Games programme.

Adrian Barnard Geography.  1972 - 1985 

Gill Cane (nee Kelly) says "brilliant geography teacher and famed for writing the GEORGE DYSON shows ,which I typed up for him to get out of his geography lessons also starred in the shows"
Spencer Barnshaw PE, Sociology Teacher Governor c2003 Jade Easton (Former pupil 1990 - 1995) says "Mr Barnshaw always supported my role in PE (long distance runner) and I now teach Sports Sociology at Roehampton University, I always believe he helped me as when I went off the beaten track he put me right! So Thanks to Mr Barnshaw and thanks for letting me inherit your passion for sport and social issues!"  
Miss Barralet Music, Piano tuition c.1970  
Melissa Barrington-Prowse Maths  c?  
Matt Bartlett Science Teacher at Elliott 1994 -1997
Brian Bastin TD (Technical Drawing). Motor Vehicles.  Had five children who did 'their time' at the Elliott: Judith, Janet, Ann, Guy and Colin.

Philip Wingate recalls - He led the first Elliott school trip to Russia in 1966 (or 67), He later imported a Russian "Volga" car perhaps to show some solidarity with USSR. It certainly was the talk of the school at the time.

Mr Bates Music around 1982 Alexis Clarke recalls "He had us playing great tunes like Hawaii Five-0 and The Sweeney which we would love (better than the dreary tunes other school bands play)".  
Julia Batters Languages c.1985  
Jacqui Battershall Special Needs, was Miss Reace file:///J:/web/OLD%20elliott/reference/teachers/images
Ann (?) Bayfield   Music c1972. In an item in the Comprehensive News for 1972, Celt House News congratulated Miss Bayfield, C36 on being promoted to Head of Music for next year.
‘Bernie’ Beach  Physics 1960's, Married Anne Bulmer

Steve Tolhurst recalls that a number of boys were brought to Mr Beach for filling contraceptives with Helium in one of the labs, and floating them out of the window. He fixed them with a stare of disbelief and said "Don't be so bloody wasteful. Get Out!"

He add Bernie was an inspirational teacher and the main reason I went on to read physics.
Miss E. R. (Polly) Beacon  Senior Biology teacher (as well as taking Violin Classes) at the Southfields from 1949 to 1955 and then transferred to the new school  June Bavin (nee Chitty) recalls "I remember vividly her suggesting that as we walked to school we noticed the things around us. The trees, the leaves on those trees and any animals, birds or insects that might be on them, It's something that has stayed with me all these years .

Barbara Pollard says "She inspired and motivated me to achieve my chosen career as a science teacher" 

Karlen Lawrence ( Was Major) recalls. "She used to live in Friday Street near Guildford and every Autumn collected hazel nut cases and cones etc., which we painted gold and silver, made into brooches and sold at the annual school fair".
Philippa Beale  Art 1970-1972  
Vicki Bean Geography 1988-2003 Married Matthew Hoarty  
Mr Beasley PE 1969-74  
Richard Beasley History Latin 1975-1978?  
Mr  Rex Beddis Geography  c1958
Mrs Adrienne Beddis  Sciences (Formerly Miss Dunn)  
Mr J Benjamin subject unknown 1946
Chrissie Bennett Art. c.1956/7 Formerly a senior Art Teacher at a grammar school absorbed with Elliott on the Putney site  
Margaret Bennett Art, House Mistress. (Mrs Stanley Todd) 
Produced the sets for Romeo and Juliet 1959

Les Thomas Recalls "Brilliant. Bless her. She really tried but we must have frustrated the hell out of her. Pearls before swine springs to mind".

Mrs Bennett English c.1963  
Mary Berners-Lee Taught part-time, A Level Applied Maths c 1974. Mother of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, now recognised as the 'inventor' of the World Wide Web. Tim did not attend the Elliott, but went to  the Emmanuel School instead.

It is said she had a very relaxed "non-teacher style" more in keeping with a Mathematician rather than a professional teacher. Image shows her with her husband Conway

John Bicourt P.E. in the late sixties

Counties Athletics Union Champion in 3000m Steeplechase 1974 Represented GB at Olympics Munich 1972 and Montreal 1976 is now Coaching and Development Director of ABAC
Mr Bilham-Boult Geography  
Denise Bilham P.E. and drama teacher An 'Admirer' says "She is stunning blonde that left to be an air stewardess".  
Di Bindman English  and Sociology for 6th Forms.  Picture taken in 2005
Jenny Black Art. c1958. Decor for 1959 "Thieves' Carnival" Production  (Became Mrs Jennings)  
Mr. Bland Metalwork/ TD c.1968  
Mrs  M.E. Blow   Needlework    Part time  c.1964  
David Bolam Head of History around 1961, left to become lecturer at Oxford University Department of Education sadly, died of a brain tumour in his late forties.
Mr Bond  Maths c.1954  
Mr Mick Bond  Head of Physics 1980's  
Mr Mick Bond  Mr Mick Bond   
Claire Bonnewell Girls PE c.1976
Mr R.O.Boodram Science. c. 1970  
Mr Roy Booker Maths  50-60s, Housemaster
Derek Bourgeois Music c. 1964 
Bridged the gap between Victor Fox and Mary Towersey and has gone on to a notable career as Musician and Composer.

See Link http://www.derekbourgeois.com

Miss Boylan    ? c.1966  
Valerie Bradnick Needlework, became Head of Design and Technology (DT)  
Mr Brann  ? c.1966  
Sean Brennan English, Deputy Head  
Kester Brewin  Maths 1998 - 2004  
M. (Michael?) R. Brigg English c.1964  
Miss B.H. Brookstone   Technical Studies   c.1972  
Mr Broome Music c.1961  
Mr Brown Metalwork. Gavin Weir says "He  taught me Metallurgy to a level I did not meet again until I got to University."  
Mr George Brown Maths c1958-62?, left to become Head of St Julian's School, St Albans. Studied for a Psychology degree at Birkbeck
Noël Brown Music, Part time Guitar Teacher 1975-1981  
Mr B.J. Browning    French c.1970  (married to Sue Browning)  
Sue Browning Mathematics  c.1970  
Adrian Brunton Music Mid 70s  
Anne Bulmer   RE Became Mrs Bernie Beach. "Her story telling used to be spell binding" recalls Jane Parnum.

Picture from the 2006 reunion

Miss Burgess   French at the Southfields Elliott (Had to retire owing to cataracts)

Photo Taken in 1950.
Su Burman English, around 1977   
Victor Burgess OBE MA English, Headmaster 1982 - 2002 
Mr. Burns Science 1958 to at least 1962. Brother to Mrs Rogers. Barry Lewis says " Nicknamed Fred Litmus and uncle Bernie" 

Andy Lambert recalls "He noticed some of us were fascinated by his Microscope and started teaching a group of us after school - we even raided the local ponds for specimens"  I rate him as one of the kindest people I have ever meet.
Nicholas Burrows Geography 1986 - 1996 (Possibly Head of Geography)  
Ulric Burstein Part time, French/German, 1969 to 1971.

Produced "The Winslow Boy" at Elliott. Studied under Colin Davis and conducted the LSO in a Concert at the Albert Hall. Later he conducted and taught music at conservatories in Australia and New Zealand.

He died in 1989.

Audrey Butler Spanish c.1998
Mr Cadman Pre 1936 to ? Shorthand, Typing and Book-keeping.
Miss. Caldwell English  
Kate Callaghan ? Celt House Mistress c.1977  
Nicola Caplin English
Olivia Carruthers Drama  
Mr Carey  Physics c.1957-61
Meryll Carter   Maths 1996 - 2001  
Miss Casley  French c 1948.

Karlen Lawrence ( Was Major) recalls "She was a French teach who adored France and gave us all a thorough grounding in French grammar. Unfortunately she left the school in 1954 which rather messed up our final year leading up to GCE,.
 Mr B.A.M.Caspersz Maths. c. 1964  
Miss M.E.D. Cast History, Dane House Mistress 1949 until at least 1962. Dawn Nevard (was Long) recalls "she had thin lips and was very stern, she had her hair tied back in a bun. I was a Dane. I believe it was her who got me and my friend up in front of the whole class and measured the height of our hair against the blackboard with a ruler, it was the days of the beehive, I believe I won, I was never so embarrassed".

Karlen Lawrence (was Major) says "Was a bit of a socialist. Unfortunately I missed out on the film about the birds and bees because I was naughty and she banned me from the session. Held me back for years. Nevertheless an excellent teacher."

Mary Lyle (Fernley) says "Miss Cast fascinated me because she seemed to be of a different era, she wore knitted stocking, I think they were called Lisle stocking, and very long skirts so she always made me think of a pencil".

Hazel Stocker (then Cox) says "She frightened the living daylights out of most of us her initials were M.E.D. so she was called mediaeval appropriately

John Cattrell PE c. 1972/1975  
Philip Chaiken Mathematics, played Violin in the School Orchestra.

Philip Wingate recalls Mr Chaiken used to have a placard attached to the window above his classroom with the stirring words. "Noise is the enemy of study so be silent!!".
Mrs Chaplin Science c1955  
Joan Child Head of Music 1975? - 1982+ ( Arranged and Directed music for Pal Joey, 1982 )  
Martine Chollet Girls PE (Probably head of Girls PE). Later Mrs Chollet-Hein (married Jeremy Hein) BW Picture shows Mr & Mrs Hein in 1976
Mr J. Church Science c. 1947

Les Cooper recalls: "He drove an ancient motor cycle that was always backfiring up and down Merton Road. Sometimes it broke down and he arrived late at school – We all knew when he arrived and I think he enjoyed the noise of all the boys cheering him in, sometimes in assembly, sometime during class"

Isobel Clark English ?
Peter Clarke English c. 1972  

John Logsdon says He was the founder, editor and driving force behind Comprehensive News, the school newspaper. He also produced plays and drove an old Citroen 2CV, 

Passed away June 2009
Roy Clark Music ?  
Gerry Clarke Head of Science 1968 - 1980  Celt House Tutor.

Gerry recalls: "I joined the Science Department when Bill Trotter was seconded to the Nuffield Physics Project (and Bernie Beach was Head of Physics). I later succeeded him as Head of Department when he left to become a Deputy Head in Gordano School, Somerset. 

I left Elliott in 1980 to become Head of Science in Hydeburn School (laterly,Chestnut Grove, Balham)".
Jonathan Clarke Maths & Physics (72-76) General Science (72-74) Computer Science (75-76)  
Ernest Clay  Head of Remedial. Rose Pierce recalls: During the war Mr Clay was in the RAF, a Navigator on bombers. He owned a straight 8 Bentley which he drove with great pride in the RAF. His crews were always relieved to have him as their Navigator because they said if 'Clay' was navigating they would arrive home safely.

His teaching skills for children with learning difficulties were wonderful. He understood, and provided them with tremendous support, throughout their years in the Department.
Many pupils went on to achieve academic success after having special help in the Department.
Irene Clugston  Music ?
Mr Cole from 1937/38 to ? History
Hilary Cole English  
Terry Cole Geography 1976-1980 Picture from 2008
Mr Cole-King History there in 1959  
Miss. Collett History c. 2003  
Rosemary Collinson Head of Music and Registration Tutor. At least 1988 to 1993  
Ted’  Colloff Mathematics, Celt House Master.   Pre 1936 

Died of a of heart attack around 1964, whilst at a inter house football match. Picture taken 1946
Andrew Cooke 1968 - 1998 English, R.E., P.E., Orienteering. He took pupils on Mountaineering trips and played in the Brass Jazz Group. Now lives in Malta. (recent Photo)
Priscilla Cooper Music, Visiting Teacher, Piano and Choir c.1963
Paul Corcoran DT Dept 1994 - 96
Miss Cotchin  Geography c.1963
John Cottrell PE  
Mr R. Coulthurst ? c1966 (in  charge of lighting on many school productions)  
Miss Cox English, c1963  
Declan Crehan Maths 1991 - 1995  
Jane Crassweller English and History

Picture from 1974

Harold Cribb Head of Business Studies after George Hook retired  
Mrs Joyce Crick German. Left in 1960 to have a child. Freda Cook recalls "She was the first wife of Sir Bernard Crick, who recently died, and was mother of his two sons.. She later lectured in German at University College, London, after obtaining her M.Phil., and is also well known as a translator. Alive and living in Belsize Park."  
Elizabeth Cross

English,  House Mistress,  Deputy Head c.1963  (Died tragically at the wheel of a car)

Graham Holley recalls "She made us - as sixth formers - line up outside her classroom door when we first started English with her. She soon relented, having established her authority! A great teacher."

Robert Cross History  
Nick Crossley Geography. Passed away in1998 while still working at the school.  
Mrs Cunningham PE Teacher at the Southfields Elliott, retired around the time the school moved. 

June Bavin (nee Chitty) recalls "I was in her form 1G which was a new class for "Grammar level" girls and as there wasn't a classroom for us at the Old Elliott Girls School we had a room in Riversdale Junior School until we went to the new school and joined with the boys as 2A the following year". 

Karlen Lawrence ( Major) Recalls "She made us all do things we knew we were not capable of of.  Taught us hockey and tennis.  Made us run in the sports day at Tooting Bec race track"
Mrs Barbara Cunningham Science c1970 Picture taken at 30 year reunion in 1986
Anabelle Curtis Art  
David Cuthell Geography 1977-1986
Mr. Czeslaw 'Charles' Czaplinski Maths, Electronics?  He was with the Ministry of Education and was possibly the Minister for Education in his native Poland, before coming here as a refugee. 

Rose Pierce recalls "He worked in the Remedial Department for many years. Always worked with his pupils with enthusiasm - they liked and respected him. Worked in the Horticultural Department towards the end of his teaching life at Elliott".
Mr Herdev Datta Mathematics 1970s, 80s and into the 90's  Rob Dale recalls "He was also in charge of the after school Chess club, off which I was Captain in 1974"
Miss Inge. Davidson Art c1959, Designed sets for School Production. 'The Merchant of Venice' 1961  
Mrs Davies Geography c1950 ?  
Cheryll Davies English Teacher and House Mistress. Joined Elliott in 1968 as Miss Davies. Married in 1968 and became Mrs Thomas. leaving in 1976  to become Deputy Head at Cranmer School. Picture taken 2005
John Davies   Science 1992 -1999 Now teaches in Sheffield  
Meryl Davies MFL Deputy Head c1995-2000.

Left to take up a headship at Cator Park School in Bromley

Michael Davies Mathematics Picture Shows Michael Davies with Rolli Muray
Peter Davies Design and Technology  1979- 1982 
Sue Davies PE  1964 1989 Now Sue Leigh 
Sue writes "I was employed by Victor Burgess, who I still talk about, to teach PE. 
My specialist subject was dance so I always worked to develop that. I worked alongside Mark Lyndon, I wonder if he remembers getting the children to lie on the coach floor as they did not have their passports to get into Wales!!!"
‘Tom’ Davies BA French and German. Headmaster 1968 -1974
Mrs R. Dawson     English Produced The Importance of Being Earnest 1960    
Chris Day

English, retrained to teach Catering

Picture taken at the 30 year reunion in 1986

Pete' Day   PE Rugby  c.1963  
Marjorie Dean B.A. Deputy Head  c1961 - Christmas 1973

Barbara Stewart recalls "She was a forbidding authority figure to me until the beginning of sixth form. I had eight good passes at o level but had failed English Language. I wanted to do two science and two maths A levels but timetabling did not permit this if I was also to re-take English Language- so Miss Dean volunteered to tutor me individually in my free periods for the English re-take.

We sat in her office and read Dickens together and discussed the allsorts-more like a university tutoring session than an o level retake-this was a revelation to me as she talked about her experiences. Her kindness enabled me to pass the re-take comfortably."

Ray Desbruslais    Head of Maths c1970 - c 1977  
Miss Diana Devlin English and Drama1964 - 1967 shown here in 1966 as Mrs Noye.

Edmund Hodges says "Her Grandmother was Dame Sibyl Thorndyke, and Diana helped in the planning of the Shakespeare Globe Theatre reconstruction by the Thames I am told".

Charles Dickinson Head of Mathematics, and later became the Deputy Head and a School Governor.  Competed in the London Marathon
Paula Dickinson Art / Head of Year. 1990 - 2001  
John Dodwell  

1973-2001 Head of History until 2001

Was Honorary Archivist of the Elliott School after retierment.
Mr E.W. Dowdeswell  Physics    c.1972/3  
Mr G.T.Dowsett French Pre 1936 to ? 
(Killed in WW2 See Elliott War Memorial)
Nick Doubble  Art Sets for King Lear 1963
Julia Douglas ? Teacher Governor c2003  
Mark Dove English 1992-95. Moved to Cornwall and is now in Western Australia

Picture shows Mark re-enacting a scene from Batman, with him playing a flying Joker.

(He notes he did also teach Drama at the Elliott)

Anthony Dragowski Worked in the Remedial Department. c.1963 Was in the Polish Air Force and joined the RAF during the war.
Rose Pierce recalls "he showed tremendous ability working with his pupils - they respected him and responded to him by improvement in their learning abilities. Died prematurely - was sadly missed in the Department".
Winston Claude Drew   Head of Woodwork c.1956. Constructed Sets for Arsenic and Old Lace, 1959.

He wrote under the name of 'Plasticus' in the 1950's and suggested the name 'Trumpeter' for the school Magazine whose Obituary for him says: Came to the school when it opened in 1956 and encouraged work of the highest standards in his workshop, in wood and plastic. After school he allowed groups to work on lines of their own choice and was always generous with his time and advice. He was taken seriously ill in September 1960 and died within two days of stopping teaching. A great shock to the School at the time.
Richard Drew   Art c.1961.

Richard was the son of W C Drew his widow is Mary and she has very kindly donated the website many magazines and other items left by her late husband Richard
Mary Driver PE and House Mistress 1961-1971. In 1968 Mary married Roy Hunt (an Ex Pupil who left in 1957). They have been Offshore for over thirty years and following Far East they have lived in USA, now Houston. As of 2011 Mary is a Manager at an Animal Home. Regularly visits UK where they keep a Cottage.
Miss Ridgefield Geography c.1965  
Miss Adrienne Dunn  Sciences (Became Mrs Bed-dis).
Jean Ea-stick says she still 
has visions of all the boys rushing to the front whenever Mrs Beddis was showing us something. (she did wear rather daring low-cut tops - for the time, this meant the girls didn't get a look in!).
Fraulein Dussel German  c. 1966  
Mrs Brenda Dyson Geography. Was Miss Facer

Picture taken at the 30 year reunion in 1986

Miss Easti Science c.1968  
Ted Edwards. Maths and English? c.1953.
James Parker recalls "He was a very popular teacher living out Wimbledon way. He also organised a school play"
Angela  El Bahadli English. Became Mrs Galligan (see that entry)
Max Ellis Art, Designed sets for School Prod. 'The Boy Friend' 1973  
Robert Ellis Mathematics
Miss J.A.Ellison Mathematics c. 1964  
Mercia Emerson English   
Francis Emeruwa Head of the Inclusion Department c.2003
He is also a successful rugby player with England ‘B’, England Students and Wasps
Andy England English DT and Carpentry, retired in 2010, but sadly passed away summer 2017  
Andrew English English   
Matt Evans Science Current (in 2007) teacher Head of year since 1998