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 '?' Indicates uncertain of subject(s) taught or years at the school. 
'c 19--' indicates that the person appear on the list of tutors, for that year,

Name Info Image (if available)
Brenda Facer Geography Became Mrs Dyson
Mr A.M. Farmer Head of P E  
Hazel Farrow OBE Deputy Head. She went on to be Head of Loxford School of Science and Technology in Redbridge where she was hugely successful and she was awarded an OBE in the New Year’s Honours 2004 for Services to Education.
Liz Fennell Head of Business Studies and ICT c 2006  
Mr Fennell Geography From 1937/38 and post war Transferred to Battersea Experimental School Photo 1947
Hilary Fergusson Art  
Mrs. Sharon Ferrell MA Ed Cert Ed NPQH

Worked in the Home Economics Department in her earlier career at the Elliott and became Head Teacher in 2005, but resigned in 2009 leaving in April of that year.

Tragically died from Motor Neurone Disease in 2017

Mr Robin Fielder Art c.1966  
Mr Fitt Mathematics 1973 - c.1977  
Name Mary Fitzpatrick Art, Housemistress
Mr J. Florczykowski Special Groups Part time c.1964  
Chris Floyd Art, Designed sets for 'Victorian Evening' 1965  
Charles Forgione Latin c.1963 Celt Housemaster after Ted Colloff Julian Proudman recalls "His Latin lessons were totally unforgettable. Being half Welsh and half Italian he considered himself the last of the Romans and wore his gown as if it was a toga".
Mr. Ford Metalwork, first Head of Technical Studies Dept in 1956  
Tony Ford A Dane Housemaster c.1980. he left to become an Inspector.
Dr. C.R. Forshaw Head of Maths Was also involved in teaching Fencing (the weapon not the criminal act!) after school. Married Mrs Jean Ramsden  
Ray Foulds Art. 1958 -1987. Had two sons and one daughter at the school Designed sets for 'The Importance of Being Earnest' 1960,Introduced Photography in the Art Dept.
Mrs Dianne Fowler Girls' PE 1961 - 1967(?) was Dianne Osborne and is believed to have also taught Geography and Coached Girls Rowing  
J. Victor Fox Head of Music. c 1958 Vaughan Melzer says "I think was the main force underpinning a brilliant musical output at Elliott"

Julian Proudman adds "He was responsible for awakening an interest in music in many pupils, a few of which then went on to reach a very high standard. I can remember performances of Bach's Magnificat and the Christmas Oratorio, Haydn's Nelson Mass, Britten's Noye's Fludde and a Ceremony of Carols, early Schubert symphonies, various pieces by Purcell. These were often of a high standard and supported by professional soloists. Equally memorable was the music that Victor wrote for every school play and any other event of note.

He was also very active in encouraging pupils to take up musical instruments and in stimulating interest in early music (a particular passion) in one case by arranging for a consort of viols to perform at Elliott. I believe that Victor left to become Chief Music Adviser in Hampshire and then (I think) proceeded to even greater things in a similar role in Manchester".
Name Mrs E.Y. Francis-Jones English Part time c. 1964  
Patrick Frawley History c.1972 - 2011. Head of Norman House, then head of 6th Form. Julia Nkosi says "Patrick built up the sixth form and was involved with a variety of extra curricular activities.
‘Miss Furby Needlework around 1950  
‘Mick’ Gale Joined the Art Dept in 1973 and did great work with pupils until July 2012 when the school was reorganised.  
Angela Galligan English around 1982. Alexis Clarke says "used to say things like "Look at you, all fiddling with your pencil cases, you will be on valium by the time you are forty!" and "Don't tip back on your chair, you will break your coccix" and we would all crack up laughing".
Name Mr D. Garrett Commerce c. 1964  
Miss Gaskell Domestic Science c. 1957. Jean Eastick recalls that because of her subject, she was sometime called Miss Gas-stove  
Mrs Gayler Music c. 1959 was Miss Jones  
Timothy Gee IEnglish c.1965  
Mr W. Gemio-Veci Spanish Part time c.1972  
W. H. ‘Harry’ George Senior Master around 1960 left to become Head of Rutherford School, London  
Mr. Geoffrey Germa History C.1977
F.T.(Garth) Gibson

Head of PE. Became a 'Organizer for Hampshire' later picture was taken in 1986 at the 30 year reunion.
Miss A. Gill Biology c.1980  
Miss Olive Girt Needlework (was also a very able Painter in her free time)  
Mr Glover ? c.1966  
Sinead Goodden Maths moved to Southfields Community College in 2010  
Miss P M Greasley Senior Chemistry c. 1964  
Miss Sue Grey c 1966/73 Home Economics
Christine Greig History about 1973 - Became Mrs Whatford, See that entry Brian Stemson recalls "she was a 'Blonde Cracker' and all the boys wanted to be taught by her" Photo taken at at the 30 years reunion in 1986
Miss Green Was with the Elliott Central girls in 1942 by which time that had been evacuated to Guildford (1939).

John Merlini recalls "Miss Green, in our 1943/44 -3rd Year, gave us a weekly lesson in Biology. I recall her as being physically rotund, and with dark hair in a short, straight, no-nonsense' style. She was a regular donator to good causes (according to chit-chat between my billet lady and hers)"
Jane Griffiths English c.1980
Julia Griffiths Head of Music c.1973. Picture from 1976
Tony Guyton Chemistry and Physics 1979 to 1987. Left to teach in Athens

Is said to have incurred the wrath of many other teachers, by stirring to have smokers evicted from the main staffroom.
Marise Gylee Geography c.1973  
Julie Haines Maths Joint Head of Mathematics 2006  
Gareth Hale PE c.1976 (Later became half of Hale and Pace comedy team)
Philip H Halsey CB LVO Bsc Head of Mathematics from 1956 went on to become Head of Hampstead School, London and then worked in the Ministry of Education. Became Chairman of SEAC (Schools Examinations and Assessment Council). Picture from 1960
Mr I. M. Harries History, Head of Department to 1973. Left for a headship at Kidbrooke School  
Mr. Harrow Drama? c.2003  
Tim Haughan Commerce c 1963. Left to become lecturer at Kingston Technical College
Miss M. M. Hawes History c.1964  
Jo Hawkey

Art, House Mistress, (Mrs Huw Salisbury) 1965 1973 Left in 1973 to become a Head of Year at Holland Park School and retired from teaching in July 1999.
Jean Hawkins English c .1970  
Geoff Hay Geology c.1972/1975  
Mr. 'Jack' Hayward English (Produced Arsenic and Old Lace in 1959) Terry Crutchley writes "A great teacher, from Canada, with a great passion for the English Language, who had played a small part in the Kenneth More film 'A Night to Remember' about 1958. In a scene on deck, near the end, a man and a woman argue over a lifebelt and the man says "Save yourself, Woman" or words to that effect. That man was Jack Hayward".  
R W Hayes Art Produced Sets for The Winter's Tale 1964 (liked photos to identify his pupils)  
Dorothy Heald ? c.1960 Went to University of California possibly to study for a Ph.D  
Sean Healy History c.1959-1966
Jeremy Hein

English. 1973 - 1988 Married Miss Chollet

BW Picture shows Mr & Mrs Hein in 1976
Jane Hellet Drama  
Roy’ Hemens Geography, Dane House Master. He joined the the old Elliott in 1947 and came with the school when it moved to Putney He sang Tenor in school concerts.

We have been informed he passed away in 2002
Emma Henderson English 1990-93 Eventually left teaching to write and publish. Her first novel, Grace Williams Says It Loud, was shortlisted for the 2011 Orange Prize for Fiction.
Miss Henderson Science c.1963  
Euan Henderson head of chemistry c.1962 to at least 69

Paul Fisher recalls he had a double honours degree in chemistry and music and was a nice guy.
Peter Herbert Head of Science Seconded to join a Government Quango of sorts  
Hugh Heraty Biology 1975 to July 1987. Head of Biology from 1980 to 1987. (Rode a big BMW motorcycle). Retrained as Physics teacher and went to Central Foundation School for Girls in Bow.

Moved to Lincolnshire working as a peripatetic teacher with ethnic minority children. Now Language Support teacher in Peterborough.
Miss Heymans Head of Needlework  
Miss E. M. Hewetson M.A. Head of Elliott Girls from 1925 when the mixed school was split. Went to Guildford with the girls (moved because of the war) in 1939. Overall a Teacher at the old school from 1925 to 1949. You can read her fascinating report on those events under The Elliott at War in the reference section.

In 1951 she was awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctor Laureatus by the Philo-Byzantine University in Madrid for her outstanding services to education.

Barbara Pollard recalls "She was very strict, but very kind and caring, doing all she could to help people with any problems"

June (Austin) Broomer; recalls "She was considered one of the greatest living authorities on John Ruskin."
Keith Hicks Head of Science and Teacher in Charge of Teacher Education. 1989 to 2007.

Has now moved on to a new post as Principal Lecturer for Science Education at Roehampton University.
Mr. Hill English Dane House Master Pre 1936 to at least 1952
Barbara Hirst Head of Languages Pictured in 1960
Matthew Hoarty Maths 1994-2003 Married Vicki Bean

Picture shows Matt in the classroom, having his sideburns shaved for charity.
Edmund Hodges
Art 1958 - Head of Art 1969 -1985, Linoprints and Typography. Quote "I started in 1958 after College and National Service. Got quite Arty by1969. Retired in '85. He also had a daughter who attend the Elliott school.

Edmund is a Major contributor to this web site, correcting the many grammatical mistakes and painstakingly researching details.

Edmund while helping to build this section often observed "I will be remembered differently by different generations!" and this is probably true of most of the entries here.
George D Hofmann Languages, Norman House Master. Former Elliott Pupil Was at the old Elliott and transferred to the new. It is rumoured he may have been a keen billiards player.
Mr Hogg Technical Dept, Plastics and Aero Modelling Club c 1957  
Maurice Holmes M.A. Pictured around 1960

You will also find many other anecdotes and comments about 'Maurice' including his own article on the opening days of the Putney School. (you can find it in the reference section)
Headmaster 1956 - 1967 Opened the new Elliott.

Maurice Holmes was born in 1907 in Cheam, Surrey, read classics at Cambridge, taught in Yorkshire and then was a Head on the Isle of Man before coming to the Elliott. He and his wife Ruth had 2 sons and a daughter; Ruth died and he married a lady who ran a tea shop in in Romsey, Hampshire. He passed away in 1999.

Andy Lambert says (and just about everyone who knew him would agree) "An absolute gem and a total gentleman of the type now extinct"

Vaughan Melzer remembers "He was Fighting a hostile war waged against the comprehensive schools. (My primary school teacher told our class of 44, “I hope none of you here will ever go to a comprehensive school” My mother visited Elliott as it was the nearest comprehensive to Chelsea and Maurice Holmes gave me a place whatever my 11+ result was. I never regretted her choice for me.

Edmund Hodges recalls "As appointed Head of the new school he was consulted about details of the layout of the building and was given the choice of 3 gyms and a pool, or 5 gyms without. He went for the 5 gyms and then the school collected funds for a pool later, but as planning permission was not given the collected money went on another project
George Hook

Head of Business Studies. Pre 1955 to at least 1965 Keen Scout Master at Southfields / Wimbledon Taught at both Elliotts. He was also a former Elliott Pupil

Andy Lambert recalls "He would often stop in his Triumph Mayflower car and give pupils a lift in, if he thought we were going to be late without his help. Another Gentlemen Teacher!
David Horn Art c.1967  
John Houlston R.E.  
Mr Howard ? Geography  
‘Mimi’ Howe French
Mr. Howe Metalwork Pre 1956
Mr. B. W. Howitt English c. 1965 Also arranged the Music for The Winter's Tale, 1964  
Sherridan Hughes Maths, PE, Life and Social Skills. 1979-1984.

She says "I left in 1984 to take a Master’s in Educational Psychology. I completed this successfully, but eventually (after a circuitous route via hospitality and leisure industries) went into Career Consultancy/Occupational Psychology which I have practised successfully now for over twenty years.
Robin Hunter Head of Geography
Miss Huntley Geography Around 1950  
Dennis Huntley

Head of Art 1958 -1965. Already an acclaimed Sculptor with his award winning work in many place including Guildford Cathedral, Dennis joined the Elliott around 1958 and was popular amongst his pupils not least because he rode a a blue Lambretta scooter to work. He was head of the Elliott's Art department up till the mid sixties when he left and later he become a School inspector (Art) for the Inner London Education.

In his long life he was Head of the Sir John Cass School of Art and was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Sculptors. He also appeared on television several times over the years, as he was the head of a significant art school in London, and in 'Who's Who' in arts for many years, he was asked to comment on arty things every now and then, and notably, he featured in two of the Serendipity TV shows of which there were a total of six. He passed away peacefully in late 2021 aged 93

Alan Ibbotson

Woodwork, TD. The later picture was taken in 1986, at the 30 years reunion
Mr John Ingram M.A.C.O.S. (Man a course of study) c. 1979. Ricky Brouillard. 1978-1981 recalls had ginger/reddish hair.  
Jenny Ishmael (miss Taylor) Music English c. 1979 was married to Mr. Ishmael and was Miss Taylor  
Mr. Ishmael Science c. 1979 was married to Miss Taylor  
Mr B. Ismajlowicz Special Groups c. 1964  
Miss Ruth Jago Taught music from around 1990. She went on to marry geography teacher Jonathan Hall.
Alan Jackson Mathematics ( also Head of a department ? ) Picture taken 2005
Henry Jackson

Metalwork and Art c.1969

He worked part time, as he also taught at Wimbledon School of Art, where he specialised in wrought iron forge work and enamelling. His classic car was a feature of the Car Park for many years.

Mrs. James Music, had three sons at the school.
P G James Interestingly, Mr. James was the first pupil on the School Roll when it opened in 1905.He first returned as an assistant teacher in 1920 and stayed until 1936, when he left to become Headmaster of Mitcham Lane School and later, Headmaster of Battersea County School. He returned to Elliott Boys' as Headmaster in 1946.

A glowing tribute to Mr. James can be found in the July 1956 Magazine, reproduced in the Picture Section of this website. It was written by his colleague George Hofmann to mark his retirement, as the School moved to Putney in that year.
Carol Jellen Needlework
Janice Jennings English Department. c.1968 She was married to Ken Jennings  
Ken Jennings Head of Biology c.1968 Sometimes brought a Kestrel or an Eagle to school He was married to Janice Jennings English Department.  
Chris Jervis Social Studies M.A.C.O.S There in 1975
Miss E.H. John History c. 1964  
Robert Johnson Head of History Picture taken in1986 at the 30 year reunion
Miss Janet Jones Music c. 1959 became Mrs Gayler. Played Violin in the School Orchestra.  
Mr. Jones Geography, Pre 1936 to retirement in 1937/38 Keen Geologist  
Mr. Jones Languages c.2004  
Miss Jordan ? c. 1966  
Miss Joyce French and Spanish. c. 1963 Later married a French film producer and became Madame Rouve