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 '?' Indicates uncertain of subject(s) taught or years at the school. 
'c 19--' indicates that the person appear on the list of tutors, for that year,

Name Info Image (if available)
Mrs C Kagiafa Awaiting Info
Surinder Kalsey Head of Diagnostic and Guidance Department in the early 70s Picture from 1972
Miss Bridie. Kelly Chemistry c1959 Bruce Gadsby recalls At the end of the lesson she would sit on the bench and smoke a fag ( not these days ).
Mrs F.D.O Kemokai General Subjects c.1964  
Mr Kennedy ? c.1966  
Jerome Kennedy Head of Drama since September 2008 to present  
Jack’ Keyte Head of Geography, Played the Cello in the School Orchestra. Prior to the Elliott he had been Teaching Geography and Music at Wandsworth School in Southfields.

Jeff Daish recalls “Mr Keyte could take you on a world tour in 40 minutes and still have you back in time for the pips!”

David Nove described him as "Inspirational and totally off the wall"

Vaughan Melzer says "The best teacher I ever had. Under present conditions he would have died of 'stiflement'. He got brilliant A level results. Part of our A level was teaching us to read Russian Cyrillic so we could use the Russian atlases he bought us. It came in handy 40 years later when I worked for a Russian agency"
Mr. King Biology, c1983  
Mrs E.I.N. Kirkland-Laman Geography c.1956-1966? (May have been known just as Mrs Laman). Hhad two daughters in the school, Joanna and Morwenna Picture taken at the 30 year reunion in 1986.
Doreen Kneale Art, there at least 1956 1960  
Mr Knight Metalwork / Radio and electronics Cub c.1966  
Mr E M Knight Woodwork Pre 1936 to 1952 and was replaced by Mr Vaal
Mr Kriplani Science  
Mrs Lambert English. There around 1959 - 1961 some class mates thought it was the Webmasters Mum  
Mr James Lampard History c.1973 (played Saxophone in a quartet for the 1973 play 'The Boy Friend'. Stevan Farley recalls "Mr Lampard gave me the nickname 'Charley Farley' (from the 2 Ronnies sketch) and that name has stuck with me to this day"
John H Langdon John H Langdon Biology c.1967 - 1971?
‘Cathy’ Lawrence Art. When she left, her parents (Fred and Mary) were for many years a great team of Technicians in the Art Department.  
Buck’ Lazell Art  
Rita Leahy Drama  
Mrs Leak Assistant Head Teacher c.2004  
Joy Leaton Domestic Science  
Marjorie Lee English, History and PE c.1958 - 71 (took two school trips to Russia)
Mr. Lees Metalwork (in the fifties)

Barry Lewis recalls "We found out he had been a captain in the army during WW2, therefore to us boys he became a hero"
Miss Lemkuhler P.E. c.1930-36  
Mr K.C. Leslie History Part time c. 1964  
D. W. Llewellyn Head from 1933
Miss P Loyd Produced "Everyman" 1958  
John Logsdon Maths 1970-72 He worked with Peter Clarke on the Comprehensive News Steven Smith recalls "He drove a bright yellow open Land Rover"  
Raymond S Long Head of History 1950-60?, left to become Head of Rutherford School and later Head of Tulse Hill School, London and then Wandsworth Education Officer.
Margaret Low English  
Miss P.M. Lucas Girls' P.E. c. 1964  
Mary Ludlow History and RE 1961 - 68  
Mrs Lyndon P.E. c.1985  
Mark Lyndon P.E. Started around 1985. Deputy Head of PE Dept. Photo taken about 1998
Mr MacHaffie Head 1942-1943 Elliott London Emergency School (war years)  
T. Gordon-MacIntosh h History c.1972  
Robert Maloney Mathematics. c. 1958

David Townsend recalls "He could chuck a board rubber quite hard and he would slap our heads!"

Graham Holley recalls "He used to come school on his bicycle. If it was raining, he'd dry his socks on the radiator during class!" Picture taken at the 30 year reunion in 1986
John Mannion Head of English 1993 - 2001, when he stood down and switched to Philosophy.

Pioneered 'Cyberteaching' when in 2004 used an internet connection, to take a class at school while he was in Oxford from about 2004.

in 2010 he was teaching at Elliott three days a week, commuting from Oxford, and runing the School's website.
Arnold Martin Head of Art after Denis Huntley left (1966), until 1968 when he went to Holland Park.

Picture from Jeff Daish, taken on a School Trip to Switzerland.
Valerie Marks Domestic Science, Celt House Mistress 1956 - 1967 Picture taken in 2005
John Marley Mathematics c.1984
Lindy Marsden Head of English 2000 - 2002. Now Head of English at a school in Sheffield
Frank Marshall Head of Music 1990s  
‘Harry’ Mason

Mathematics, TD, Dane House master, Senior Master,

He came from old Elliott where he was a PE Teacher in 1947

Passed away in 2005
John Matthewman English c. 1972/1975  
Roy Matthews Art  
Mr. May Book - Keeper? circa 1946
Mr H.G.McAfee Languages c. 1964  
Mr McCauley ? Pre 1936 to ?  
Myles McDowell English c. 1963
Pauline McGlade English 2000 - 2002 Now teaching and living in Ireland.
Noel McKee Music, Latin? Organised choirs

Married Lee Zimmer
Mr McKenzie PE in the sixties  
Anneli McLachlan Head of Languages. c. 1985 At the school for nine years, but exact years unknown
Dr. Mead Maths 1960-2 He was an American Doctor of Mathematics’.
He had 2 sons who attended Elliott at the same time
Mr. Mearles English about 1963-64  
Susan Mee Languages 1985-89  
Miss Mesure English C.1966  
Bill Meyer Art 1973  
Alex Minieko

P E (Another Elliott Legend).

Ricky Brouillard. 1978-1981 recalls he used to take the kids running over the common off Putney heath and collect the rabbit/animal droppings to go with his cereal in the morning

Miss Sheila Miller Languages c. 1978. Became Mrs Underwood  
Gerry Miseldene Mathematics Picture from 1969

Graham Holley recalls "I was stranded on a mountain top in Wales one time when we were on a school trip; we sneaked out to the pub in the local village that night without his knowledge".
W.R. Mitchell Art. Pre 1936 to 1954 Appointed Acting Head of old Elliott on the schools evacuation to Woking during WW2 He designed the Elliott School War Memorial.

Les Cooper recalls: "He was the inspiration behind a wonderful frieze that was displayed around the main hall of the boys building. It ran all the way around the hall and depicted the History of Wandsworth from the Reed Dwellers of the Wandle, to the building of The Surrey Iron Railway."

He adds "I recall the first being a scene of an Ancient Brit. 'Reed dweller' . A House of Lords court scene of the Dyers vs. Weavers. A scene depicting the Huguenots. A scene of a horse drawn railway wagon of the Surrey Iron Railway - Wandsworth to Dover - to relieve the Napoleonic Channel blockade. There were more but time has dimmed the old brain-box." Les wonders if it was taken to the new school and adds "It would be a shame if it wasn’t."
Freda Mizen Head of Catering

Freda Mizen ran a special Catering Department. The 4th/5th Year pupils studied cooking on a commercial scale, table laying, waiting at table and all such skills. Pupils took the City and Guilds of London Institute 150 exam

They prepared and served a meal to about a dozen Staff and Visitors every other Friday, possibly, in a Restaurant / Class room off the end of the Main Dining Foyer. Chris Chattaway MP was one Guest of Honour.
Mr M Moon Science c.1964  
Pamela M Moore MA Sets and Music for "Everyman" 1958  
Mr Syd Morgan Music & Maths Pre 1956 Alan Day remembers "He was a Welsh Man, who loved Choirs". James Parker recalls "He was a bit of a tyrant but needed to be because of him diminutive size. But he knew his music".  
Alan Morrin

Mathematics, Saxon Housemaster, Deputy Head. An incredible 1972 to 2004 Contributor to the E group and website in its early days.

Main Organizer of the Centenary Reunion
Miss Morris English c.1954  
John E. G. Morris Science 1956 -1959 . Taught at Huntingfield 1948 to 1956
John Mortimore PE Dept c. 1958 David Wilson recalls He was an English Amateur international footballer who made some appearances for Chelsea's first team.  
Miss Morton English c. 1950  
Miss Isobel Mountjoy Music 1946 until at least 49

Karlen Lawrence (was Major) recalls "She was a wonderful music teacher who instilled a love of good music into us all. She led the choir and entered us in many competitions. A little absentminded was known to have turned up at school with one brown and one black shoe on. Bless her.
Mr Moult English  
Vivienne Mowatt History c.1966 Possibly Married Mr Adler  
Liz’ Muggridge Art, Pottery. c. 1960

Organized tile mural at end of Gym building, featured in this picture.

Does anyone have a picture of the teacher?
Ms Muir History c.1970  
Derek Mullin Languages c. 1985  
Rosemary ‘Rolli’ Muray Drama Mid 70's
I. Narsi Mathematics c1980  
Morris Nelligan Mr Kalsey assistant in Diagnostic and Guidance
C.A.Newman French c1979  
Stuart Newton Biology. Picture taken in 1986 at the thirty year reunion
Bill Nichol Awaiting Info
Mary Nicholson English around 1960 Sister of Ann Piper
Miss Nicholls ? c.1966  
Miss North Biology c.1966  
Mr S Nugent Head 1943-46 Elliott London Emergency School (war years). Retired in 1946 and was succeeded by Mr. P. G. James.
Miss O’Connor Home Economics  
Deborah Ogun Maths Neé Baines Head of Maths mid 90s and now (2006) Joint Head of Mathematics after Maternity Leave. Picture from around 1998.
Terry O’Hagan ? Celt housemaster
John O’Malley Mathematics  
Judith Overton Home Economics
Miss Dianne Osborne Girls' PE 1961 - 1967(?) became Mrs Fowler and is believed to have also taught Geography and Coached Girls Rowing  
Cecil (Taffy) Owen History and RE 1951(?) - 1955

Les Cooper recalls: "He replaced Mr Taylor but I am afraid was not of the 'sterner stuff' required to stay for long at the Elliott. He did impress us in one way, among his ‘training aids’ he had a complete set of hand-knapped flint tools which he had made himself".

On the other hand Michael Beer say "I recall him in tears at the old School when we gave him an appalling time. He was in an environment where the solution to discipline was to cane and ruler kids and he suffered from not being willing to do so. In modern society he would be the norm and his approach at the time was very brave. He was made of “stern stuff”. I have little good to say about the old school and it was literally a personal and career saver when I was moved to the new school with wonderful teachers like Halsey, Long, Addison, Miss White and several others".
Mr Arthur Owen Chemistry and Physics, Pre 1936 to at least 1946. Photo 1946.

Les Cooper recalls: "He had a passion for all the sciences and an even greater passion to fire us all with the same wonder of the Universe that he had. He was the most patient man I ever met and facing us lot every day, he certainly needed it!

He yearly would decorate his laboratory with a wonderful selection of pulley mechanisms which he used in teaching Mechanics. When his back was turned we would re-arrange them so that they no longer fitted the worksheets he had prepared. He never batted an eyelid and simply ‘blackboarded’ a new set of worksheets".