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 '?' Indicates uncertain of subject(s) taught or years at the school. 
'c 19--' indicates that the person appear on the list of tutors, for that year,

Name Info Image (if available)
Miss Page Mathematics c. 1964  
Penelope Palmer English there in 1972  
Ken Parr History  
Diana Parry French there in 1972  
Eryl Parry Head of Chemistry 1971-1973

Left to go to Dunstable Grammar School (Now Manshead) and retired in 2000 after 15 years as Head of Fishguard High School
Goronwy Parry

Head of P E c.1958, there till at least 1969. He married Alison Prince, Head of Art and lived on a boat on the Thames. In the  Eighties he and Alison moved to the Scottish island of Arran, where Goronwy died in 1991.

Paul Fisher recalls "He sadly put his hand into the circular saw blade, whilst cutting wood for his boat repairs and was off work for months"

Les Thomas also recalls "We had a football match but I had acquired a major injury, a bruised toe. I asked Mr Parry if I could be excused from playing. He replied " and I have a broken eyelash, get changed". We bred them hard in those days. No diving. No agents. No WAG's"

Mr David Parsonage Science. c 1958. Universally know by pupils as 'Porky' A great character and very much loved.

Gillian Reynolds recalls "When my mum went up for open evening he told her that I was no good at chemistry, but then neither was his wife and he still loved her!"

Andy Lambert recalls "He had the ability to see the best in people, an absolute gentleman. I can still see that huge red nose in my mind, even after all these years"

Marilyn Neal recalls "Brilliant form teacher and chemistry teacher, made it all fun. I remember wearing mascara and lipstick once and he told me to wipe " that stuff" off my face, but he did it nicely.....AND I remember the chemical elements!!!!!!

Please can we have a picture anyone !!!

Mr Parsons Bookkeeping c1950 ? Bookkeeping is thought to have been be part of Office Practice / Typing / Shorthand etc and therefore part of George Hook's Department.  
Mr Hector Patterson Deputy Head from 1986 - 1990

Went on to be Senior Education Adviser (Secondary) to Lambeth Education Authority in1991. Development Officer Institute of Education University of London 1992.

From 1996 to 2006 he was Special Adviser to the Minister of Education in Guyana. and today is a Education Management Professional in London.
Peter Payne Chemistry and Maths 1973 - 1986, Head of Chemistry from 1979

After leaving Elliott he taught in Kenya and is now in Beijing
Miss S. B. Payne R.E. c 1964  
Mrs Margaret Peacock Interim Head 2009 - 2010
Rose Pearce Remedial Dept House Mistress
Frank Peduzzi English
Elizabeth Perryman Mayfield, taught our 6th A level Chemistry 1984/85  
Nigel Pescod P.E. Department Sept. 1963 – August 1965. Played rugby for Harlequins and Surrey. Responsible for setting up school rugby teams, especially against the Old Boys. Moved to Hillcroft School (later Ernest Bevin), Tooting. Then as H. of D. to Oxted School and finally Bodmin Community College, Cornwall. Retirement in 1997 One time heavily involved in Cornish Swimming, as President of Cornwall A.S.A. Nigel adds "I have had contact with former P.E. Department members Peter Day and Tony Farmer (H. of D.) and would welcome current news of anyone else". Sadly we learned in 2014, that he had passed away towards the end of the previous year.
Mrs Phillips Maths, c.1940 - 56  
Mark Phillips Headmaster from 2010 - late 2013 Described as 'a Head Teacher with a track record for turning round under performing Schools',

Mark Phillips had come to Elliott from de Stafford School, in Caterham, which was in serious debt and producing poor grades before he took over in 2004 and is now considered one of the most improved Schools in Surrey.

It was Mark Phillips who over saw the transition from The Elliott to the Ark Putney Academy. He left to become principal designate of the new William Parker Academy in Hastings
Les Pickett Science Maths. Seen here holding a beaker not an alcoholic drink surely
Mrs Ann A Piper Maths. 1958-62.. Head of Maths after Mr Halsey.

She left Elliott in 1962 to be Head teacher at Wimbledon High School, where she remained for 20 years. This remarkable Lady raised four children on her own, after her husband left home, on the day she gave birth to the last two (twins).

She was a sister of Mary Nicholson. Died aged 86 in May 2006
Mrs N Pocock Head of Music 2006  
Joanna Porter Art Dept, 1994-7  
Ted Porter Maths and PE c 1952
Charles Potter English Edited the school magazine The Trumpeter (formerly the Elliottonian)

Bob Wilkinson says - His witty comment in the editorial of the first edition of the Trumpeter was "We will shed a quiet tear for the onion".

Mary Fernley adds "He was a nice man and only got mad with me once when I let my pet mouse loose in his classroom"
Alison Prince
(Mrs. Parry)

Head of Art 1956 -58. Left to have a baby. Was married to Mr Parry, Head of PE and they had three children. Pictured in 1958 and today. She has gone on to write many Children's books and is involved in some very successful TV programmes and Characters. Including the classic Trumpton where she was responsible for the infamous refrain "Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grubb!".

In 2005, Alison Prince received an honorary doctorate of letters from the University of Leicester for services to children's books. She sadly passed away during October 2019 on the Scottish island of Arran, where she had lived since the Eighties.
Jenny Price Norman Housemistress 1970 -1976 ? She also taught French.
William Price Headmaster from 1904 of Southfields Elementary Mixed School. In 1910 the School was given 'Central' status and in 1911 the name was changed to Elliott Central School after the first Chairman of Managers, Sir Charles Elliott. In 1925 the school was separated into Elliott Boys' and Girls' Schools with Miss E. M. Hewetson as Head of the Girls. Mr Price retired in 1933 and Mr D.V. Llewellyn became Head. When the Schools moved to Putney in 1956 the Elliott Sports Field was renamed as the William Price Field in his memory.
Pippa Prior English. Married to Lindsay Prior.
Lindsay Prior Sociology. Married to Pippa Prior.
Mrs Pryke Science 1958  
Mr Godfrey Pryor History Department c.1973-1985. He left Elliott in 1974 and returned in 1976 to again teach History and was then tutor of N50.

Was Head of Combined Humanities and MACOS from about 1980 until 1985 when he left to go into education administration.
Mrs C. A. Purslow Girls' PE Part time c.1972  
Gill Quiggin Art Pottery c1971 - 1974. later became Head of a School in Devon and has now (2008) retired. Gill Says "I have very fond memories of those days"
Mrs M.Rabalska Spanish Part time c.1972  
Jill Rackley English and also CHUMS and MACOS.1976-78, became Jill Sharp after leaving the Elliott.
Mrs F.Rainer Business Studies Part time c,1972  
Mr. Ramell Maths c.1958  
Alan Ramsey Divinity? There 1956 to at least 60. Sue Tupa (Preece) 1956-1959 recalls "He rode a Moped and always had an eye for the pretty girls!"  
Mrs Jean Ramsden Needlework c.1964/6 Produced the costumes for The Winter's Tale 1964. Married Dr Forshaw  
Mr Rance PE c1966  
Ian Rance c 1964 History. Became a Head in the Chelsea area
Sue Raymond Maths c 2006  
Jacqui Reace Special Needs, became Mrs Battershall  
Marion Reardon Home Economics c.1979 -1982  
Jenny Rees Art, Pottery Created the Ceramic Panels over the staircase doorways.  
Miss N.A. Rees English c.1973  
John-William Reeves Woodwork, Metalwork, Technical Drawing and Motor Vehicle Technology 1973-7 Was also pupil from 1961 to 68  
Robin Reeves French and PE Feb 1975 - summer 1975 Was a pupil himself 1962 - 70 and then sent his own son Tom. He lived his entire life in the same Southfields house and sadly passed away in Jan 2014 See www.wandletrust.org
Mr E.S. Reichberger Biology c.1972  
Martyn Read Head of English, went off to be a Headmaster. Closest picture was taken in 1986
Mrs Revelle Maths c.1963  
Mrs (Gillian?) Reynolds, English and Drama c.1958-62. It is possible she had been/was an actress and may have had a small part in a TV Soap.

Don Freeman recalls "She was a large bosomed lady who used to wear long bead necklaces that would bounce from one side to the other, much to the amusement of the class"
Mr P. Riach Chemistry c.1970  
Brian Rice Art
Mr E.H.Ridout M.A. Horticulture c. 1964  
Marian Riley PE (Girls) Married to below  
Mr John Riley PE (Boys) Married to above
Martin Robson Chemistry and some Maths 1974-1979 Moved on to a senior Lectureship at Kingston University. Married Di Hall. Had two sons at Elliott
Miss J. M. Robertson Special Groups c. 1964  
Mrs D.J. Rodbard Needlework Part time c.1972  
Carmen Rodriguez Maths c 2006  
Miss Rogers Art, Pottery, Came from the old Elliott to the new School  
Mrs Rogers French. c 1958 Sister to Mr Burns  
Leslie Rose MA Senior Master 1956 -1960. Left to become Head of Alfred Nobel School, Stevenage
Stan Rosinski Worked in the Wood and Metalwork Departments, as well as in the Remedial Department. c1967 Edmund Hodges says "He always made me think of the toy-maker in Pinocchio. His Workshop was a wonderland of traditional Polish wooden toys, pecking hens and so on, which he taught classes to make in the process of learning to handle tools. He made many things for sale at the Summer Fair, etc". He made the repoussé Copper Coat of Arms of the School which hung for many years in the Gym corridor. Sadly he died prematurely.

Rose Pierce recalls "He was so proud of his workmanship. He spent many months perfecting the coat of arms. I can see him now showing his masterpiece to Mr Clay, Mr Czaplinski and myself outside Mr Clay's classroom. Mr Clay held it up and we all congratulated Stan on his efforts. ".
Guardino Rospigliosi (Prince) BA Oxon (Ross) English and Latin, Headmaster 1974 - 1982

Thought to be A distant relative of Giulio Rospigliosi, Pope Clement IX, 1667-9

It seems Mr, Rospigliosi found that both Teachers and Pupils had trouble with the name and became Mr Ross by preference.
Mr A.M.C. Ross Football Coach Part time c.1964  
Annie Rowling Languages c. 1985  
Mr Ruskin 1947 Subject taught uncertain

Roy Shergold recalls Mr Ruskin he was ex-RAF and held a class on Aircraft Identification after School.
‘Bob’ Sabine

Drama 1967 - 1997

Innumerable splendid theatre productions over many years
Mary Salisbury English c. 1975  
Huw Salisbury OBE
Woodwork. Saxon Housemaster 1963 -19 74

He joined the school in September 1963 as a newly qualified teacher of Technology and left in December 1974 He remained in teaching with the ILEA until it was abolished and was appointed as Headteacher of South Camden Community School in 1991 retiring in December 2002 after being awarded an OBE in December 2001 for Services to Education.

He then continued as an attached Inspector with HMI for a short while and then spent a year working as an Advisor with the London Challenge. Is currently involved in voluntary work with the Central London Community Healthcare Trust.
Eric Sanders
(was Ignaz Schwarz)

Contemporary Studies 1971: Head of Dane House July. 1973: Second Master. Retired in 1981. Eric says "I had no degree, only absolved a 13 months' Emergency Teachers' Training Course and did not offer any religious activities, I had not expected ever to have a 'career' in teaching. But I loved the profession.

Alan Morrin adds: "He didn't talk about it at school but he was in the special forces during WW2 and because he spoke German, having been born and raised in Austria and worked behind enemy lines. His war work was officially recognised by Austria and he was honoured with a ceremony in Vienna. His autobiography From Music to Morse and Beyond has been published
John Saunders Geography 1990 -96 Started at the school on the same day as the late Nick Crossley who he had been at Goldsmiths’ College with. He left to become Head of Geography in Luton for a couple of years, then to Gerard’s Cross as Head of Humanities for four years, before becoming Director of Studies at Pinewood School near Swindon until he “retired” in 2009 and became a professional photographer.

In 2012 he moved to Houston,Texas and in 2021 retired again and moved to a second home in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA. He and his wife enjoy playing golf, hiking, traveling the world and flying their plane everywhere possible!
Miss R. Sanderson English Produced 'The Critics' in 1958 with Staff and Pupils in the Cast  
Mr Sandilands Maths c.1966  
Miss Saunders P.E. c1962  
Mr M Saunders Music  
Leslie Savidge Head of Commerce/Business Studies from 195  
Jane Saville R.E. Picture taken at the 30 year reunion in 1986
Mr Sawyers or Sayer PE c.1966  
Barbara Scarrott ( J.P.)

English 1962 - 1993

Edmund Hodges says "More than a Legend"
Robin Seal English and History 1956 - 1968 (The School Teddy Boy!)

Left to became the Head of Eltham Grammar School (or possibly Housemaster to Kidbrook).

Julia Woods says "I remember Mr Seal who was convinced I was going to be something in life. He was always so very thin, tight drain pipes and trendy jumpers. He was a fabulous teacher and I have never forgotten him".

Les Thomas adds "A brilliant, brilliant teacher and a compulsive fibber. He was always telling us about his war experiences such as the one where he saved his boat by deflecting a water mine away from it with his feet. I seem to remember a similar scene in a later film".
Norman Sears English ?  
Elaine Secluna Remedial Dept c.1969  
Mary Selby Housemistress (Possibly also named Mrs Ainsworth).
Betty Seredynska History  
Mr Chris Sewell Geography There mid seventies  
'Tony' Sharratt Head of Maths c1985 - c1995
Mr B. K. Shaw English c 1964  
Nick Sheppard Mathematics from about 1982 (still at Elliott 2009).

Alexis Clarke recalls "'Hippy', had a huge 'afro' and flares well into the eighties, a nice man"
Keith Shipman RE Sociology 1987 - 99  
Lazarus Sheridan

1947 -1953 English and Physical Education. Also organiser of the Boxing Club, Originator of the Theatre Group and Editor of The Elliottonian Magazine.

After leaving he became a Head Teacher and Consultant Head for the ILEA before retiring. Is present the Hon. Secretary of the London Retired Head Teachers Society. Wrote a book about his experiences at the School called "Please Sir, I Can't Read!" (a copy of which is in The John Hall Putney Library). A regular contributor to this web site
Susan Simkin Art  
Heather Simpson English  
Mr. Simpson (David?) possible Stimpson Geography c. 1971  
Reg Skirrow Music c.1970 Percussion Tutor for many years
M. Slaughter English or History c.1979  
David Smith Design Technology Department 1990-2002
Richard ‘Dick’ Smith

History, Saxon Housemaster 1973-2008
Was a great help to this website in its early days supplying Teacher pictures and corrections.

Ricky Brouillard. 1978-1981 says "He was an excellent shot with the blackboard wooden rubber in History. (Never done me any harm). Seem to remember he loved his Marvel/DC comics as well".

Miss E. Smith German c.1966  
Miss E. M. Smith Special Groups c.1964  
Miss J. Smith ? c.1966  
Miss J. D. Smith Science Part time c.1964  
Mr T.P. Snape Head of English Around 1959  
Mr Snider ? c.1966  
Paul Snowshall 1969-2005

During his 38 Years service to the School he started in the PE Department, then became a Mathematics teacher, became the Dane Housemaster and ended as Head of Year. A bit of a legend
Peter Solari Head of Art from 1990 until the close of the Elliott, transferred to the ARK
Nigel Spearing English, in 1960s Became MP for Acton 1970-74 and MP for Newham South 1974 - 1997.
Mrs J. Spencer Art Part time c.1964  
Ann Spiers Languages c.1959 A Scottish lass.
Derek Williams recalls "She was a Delightful Lady"
Mr Steel Geography c.1959/60  
Mr Steer P E  
Miss G. L. Sterry Needlework Costumes for The Winter's Tale 1964  
Mr Cliff Stevenson Head of Technical Department.

Picture shows him (centre), taking part in a display with the Duke of Edinburgh, somewhere in Battersea.
Sylvia Stevenson Music c.1959.

Gillian Bradshaw (nee Ticehurst) recalls that Sylvia wanted to be a Missionary. Does anybody know whether she eventually became one?
Ellen-Jane Stewart English c.1980 (An American lady who stayed about a year )
R. Stewart PE c.1979  
David Stimson ? c.1966  
Arthur Stubbs Art, Pottery 1974 - c.1986

Had worked in Industrial Pottery before coming into Teaching.
Mr Styles ? c 1950  
Rosemary Sutcliffe English  
Miss Rene Sutton Art, Designed sets for Arsenic and Old Lace 1959, Twelfth Night 1960  
Julian Swain Chemistry and Head of Science c.1985
Anna Sylvester English c1972  
Peter Tamblyn Joint Head of Music 1992-1994 Moved on to Pimlico School. Spent 4 years teaching in Zambia and is now Director of Music at Exeter School in Devon  
Steve Taverner P.E. c.1978 Photo taken in 1986 at the 30 year reunion
Harry Taylor History 1946

Les Cooper recalls: "He was known by the boys as ‘Pop’ Taylor and taught history which we thought was at ‘first hand’. When he retired, the boy’s contribution to his retirement present was £25, which at the time was more than a months average wage! His classes were the loudest and rowdiest that you can imagine and we loved him to bits".
Jenny Taylor Music English c. 1979 Married Mr. Ishmael  
John Taylor History and Norman House Master Sept 1966 - Dec 1971

Famous Rugby player Lions, now a TV Sports Journalist. He won his first cap for Wales at the age of 21 and played 26 Tests during a distinguished career 1967 - 1973, which also included two British Lions tours. He was also voted Wales' Greatest Ever No.7. and is Managing Director of the London Welsh RFC. He recalls "I had to beg leave for a couple of Summer Terms to go on Lions Tours".

Edmund Hodges says "Lovely guy, adored by pupils". Tracey Wood recalls "he was a great teacher and a great person the one thing that sticks in my mind was how loud he shouted you could hear him from one end of the school to another. His nickname was Basil Brush because of his wild hair and beard". See also Cliff Yorath
Jon Taylor Taught History from 2002 and was Head of 6th Form from 2003 He was appointed an Assistant Head under Mr Phillips in 2010 He was himself a Pupil at Elliott between 1984 -1991 From April 2014 he has been Assistant Head and Head of 6th at Chestnut Grove School.
Alison Tench English, MACOS and CHUMS, around 1977  
Miss Dorothy Terry Head of Needlework, created costumes for The Winter's Tale 1964  
Mr Thomas Sports and Maths, from 1938/39  
Miss Thomas House Craft around 1950  
Miss Thomas French, around 1950  
Mrs Thomas Head 1940-1942, Elliott London Emergency School was opened at Merton Rd under Mrs Thomas  
Mr. B A Thomas Mathematics c.1972  
Cheryl Thomas English Teacher and House Mistress. Joined Elliott in 1968 as Miss Davies. Married in 1968 and became Mrs Thomas. leaving in 1976 to become Deputy Head at Cranmer School. Picture taken 2005.
Miss Morag Thomas HE Saxon House Mistress  
Linda Thompson Business Studies  
Mr Thompson Around 1982 - 84 Woodwork Metalwork. Went to Crown Woods, Eltham to teach TD.  
Vivienne Tizard French c.1983
Mrs P.E.J. Tobias Part time c.1964  
Stanley Todd

English (married Margaret Bennett) and had been a Pupil at Elliott, Southfields from 1922-27. After leaving Elliott he became a Head teacher in the Bristol area.

Later picture taken in 1986 at the 30 year reunion
Patricia Toleman Drama  
Julie Tomkins English. Deputy Head/Acting Head for two terms 2005  
Mary Towersey

Head of Music c. 1965.

Later picture taken in 1994 courtesy of Sandra Velvick
Keith Townsend Head of Technical Studies  
Mr. A. W. Trotter (Harold?) Head of Science. Philip Wingate recalls "Christened Arthur on account of the remarkable resemblance he bore to Arthur Askey. An excellent teacher whose explanations were always crystal clear"
Michael Tucker Assistant Head Teacher in 2008. retired July 2009
Rosemary Turner ?  
Sally Turner English Dept., Mid 80s  
Warren. Turner Head of the Drama Department c.2003 -2008
C.Tyler English, MACOS, CHUMS c.1979/80